Buying Playstation 1 Memory Cards

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There isn't much to buying Playstation 1 Memory Cards, they come in a few formats that are widely sold on ebay. Based on the many questions I receive daily on memory cards, I have compiled this quick guide to help you out, in it I have described the various sizes, brands and Pros and Cons to each.

1- 1 Meg Cards (1mb) are the standard size, the y are usually sufficient for any Playstation 1 game requiring 15 blocks of memory.
I see many people paying a premium (over $8 and not including postage) for used original Sony branded cards thinking they are getting a better card but in effect they are ripping themselves off, as the after-market brands are just as good if not better.
You will find many sellers (myself included) who sell many  NEW 1 Meg Playstation Memory Cards for much cheaper than the used original Sony cards.
Why people keep paying more for used cards I will never know - save yourself some money and buy new. Also ensure that you are getting a Money Back or Exchange Guarantee on your purchase.
Brands: There are many brand supplying PS1 memory cards - just ensure to check your sellers feedback and look for comments to see if anyone has left a bad feedback.
The advantage of a 1 Meg card is that it does NOT compress the save files and so there is less chance for corrupted data after you have saved. These are usually very reliable cards and have little problems.
I recommend 1 card per game or person so you dont over-write someone else's save game.
Most of these cards can be used on Slimline and Older style PS2 Consoles for saving PS1 games only but you should ask your seller to confirm if their card does as some cards dont. You will need an 8 meg card for PS2 save games.

2- 8 Meg and 16 Meg Cards (8mb / 16mb) - these are designed for PS2 consoles but some are sold for PS1 consoles as well. They cost about 3 times as much as a 1 Meg card and while it can seem you are getting more bang for buck, you should know that these cards are just compressed memory cards. When used for a PS2 they are ok as its designed to handle compressed data but the PS1 is not and you may end up having problems with your save games.
Again, ask your seller if they have an exchange or return policy if you wish to try an 8 meg card for yourself.

Hope that helps!
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