Buying Tupperware Online - Often More Expensive.

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It never ceases to amaze me how much Tupperware is bought and sold online.  Yes, Tupperware has that famous lifetime guarantee so it all SEEMS failsafe, but what are the pitfalls?

Discontinued Items

What a lot of people don't realise is that discontinued items can still be sourced through your local Tupperware Demonstrator; if they don't have it themselves, they can get it from other members in their team or their distribution channels.  When particular items don't sell by the end of the catalogue date, most demonstrators will keep the items in storage in their original packaging.  So when you order a discontinued item from an authorised Tupperware Demonstrator, you're getting brand new product still in the packaging.


The real cost of buying Tupperware online is your winning bid PLUS postage costs.  Your Tupperware Demonstrator will often hand deliver your items for FREE, even if they are unusual or difficult to get items.

The Winning Bid

It often surprises me how often the winning bid on a STILL AVAILABLE item is higher than the retail price.  This is a dream for online sellers.  The way to prevent yourself from paying too much is to keep yourself informed.  Contact your local Tupperware demonstrator about being added to their monthly updates and specials list.  You'll get a lot more bargains that way.  One recent example was Premium Line Canisters - they were selling on eBay for more than the current monthly special price, simply because those bidding were not keeping themselves up to date.

Parts and Replacements

Tupperware Demonstrators have a parts and replacements catalogue.  If you need something in addition to a collection you already have, you can ask your local Tupperware Demonstrator for a single item only - whether it's a lid, seal, hook, rocker, cup, base, or sticker, they can order it all.

Packing and Posting

After you've spent that small fortune on eBay Tupperware, you're putting a lot of confidence in your seller's ability to pack and post.  Tupperware Demonstrators are trained to pack Tupperware orders, unauthorised sellers are not.  The damage done to Tupperware in transit is NOT covered by Tupperware's lifetime guarantee.  The main damage done to Tupperware is:

  • impact damage (dropping the item, or dropping something onto the item, resulting in a crack),
  • abrasion damage (where the item rubs against the packaging or other items with which it is posted),
  • cut damage (where the item is damaged by a sharp object in transit)
  • heat damage (where an item is left in a hot delivery vehicle during summer and the plastic warps)

I have bought a LOT of Tupperware on eBay and I estimate that 20% I receive arrives damaged.  Nowadays I will only buy from sellers who I know can pack well.

It's Time to Party

When you've decided on what Tupperware items you'd like, ring your local Tupperware Demonstrator, see if the items are able to be sourced, and have a party - your demonstrator will show you how to get your wish list for free.  The Tupperware concept has been working successfully in Australia for more than 50 years; have a party, and they'll worry about the headaches.

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