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Buying a SAUSAGE STUFFER would be a pretty easy task one would think but I can tell you from experience it's not.

Types of stuffers.

There are some types of sausage makers you may wish to avoid, the stainless-steel plunger types that are a curved J shape & bolt to a bench which require tons of pressure on the handle to work & although the out-side is polished smooth stainless steel the inside is rough cast & impossible to clean properly.

Modern, cheaper types with light-weight & weak nylon gear sets that shear gear teeth off or split in half when used or pot metal or aluminium castings that break easily with the considerable force required to push the sausage mix through the tube might be others to avoid.

Antique or 1950's-1960's stuffers and mincers were made to WORK and LAST for generations...they are usually cast iron with a worm gear and tinned finish & these can be the best option for the home sausage maker, they can be found here in Australia on eBay with makers like POPE or NIF-TEE or on the U.S.A eBay  with names like GRISWOLD, these in my opinion are the best option for the occasional home sausage maker.

Other large antique ones like the ENTERPRISE are dual purpose fruit juicer/sausage maker presses and are getting towards the commercial end of sausage making & are much bigger than what you need but they look impressive if your into antique kitchenalia but would be hard to sterilise or keep rust free and are much bigger than you need for home use.

Recipes for sausage making.

You can buy a book like I did but I found most of the good recipes are free on the internet if you google sausage making...sausages and mince always tastes ten times better after twenty four hours in the refridgerator after the added herbs flavour the meat & the meat softens and relaxes.

Cases for sausage making.

You can get your cases, either synthetic or natural (intestine/gut) from a butchers shop but some will only sell you in bulk, shop around until you find a butcher who will sell you a small quantity.

I've found great pleasure from making my own home-made sausages and real mince meat pies and people can really taste the difference with the home-made product.

Feel free to contact me via the eBay system if you want to ask a question and Thankyou for voting for this guide if you found it useful.

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