Buying a Turbo Charger off Ebay

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Nearly all turbo chargers are now manufactured in China. The low-cost environment has driven all the major turbo suppliers such as Garett, Borg-warner, IHI etc..(who are OEM for brands like Ford, Holden, Nissan, Toyota) to produce in China. Unfortunately these large producers have not lowered their retail prices for the end consumer, opting rather to expand their own margins.
When it comes to replacing your tired or blown turbo, the prices at the retail counter are still in the $1700 to $3500 range for a standard factory replacement. This has created a huge opportunity for online retailers and direct sellers like ourselves to offer MASSIVE discounts to people who want affordable quality.
We save our customers on average $1000 and more of each turbo purchase, and offer the same and better warranty than the original end manufacturer. 
We have a direct relationship with the factory in China, so are able to cut out the list of middle men, who take their 'cut' on the way through- a cut that has traditionally been passed to the end consumer. NOT ANY MORE!.
We offer the turbos direct to you, so you save $$$s.
However, make sure you are buying the turbo off an Aussie-based company, that has a 100% Aussie-based service team. There are a number of sellers on Ebay that have Aussie seller on their sites, but are not actually Aussie.
The best way to test, is to send them an email or try to call them. If the email comes back with "dear sir, " or a similar far-to-formal salutation, you are receiving an email from a Chinese girl in China. Also, if there is no phone number at all to call them, that is because they don't want you to call and find out that you have a Chinese seller on the line.
BUYER BEWARE: their prices may be a bit cheaper, but if anything goes wrong with the order, (wrong turbo sent), or you need to claim warranty good luck in sorting it out!. We are an all-Aussie team, and provide the best service around.
TRY US OUT - call us or email us and you will get a helpful Aussie that knows what they are talking about.
We also sell turbo chargers and MASSIVELY discounted auto parts direct from our own ecommerce site (, something that the other sellers aren't able to do as they are Chinese-based. 
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