Capsules systems - Which capsules fit my machine?

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Coffee Systems and capsules sold in Australia

Lavazza offers 4 type of systems:  A modo Mio, Blue, Espresso Point Classic and MAXI systems. Nestle’ offers 3 different systems :  Nespresso, Nespresso PRO, Dolce Gusto.    also distributed in Australia are are: Caffitaly system is distributed by MAP and Woolworths  and K-fee System is distributed by ALDI.  Each Systems use their own capsules and these are NOT interchangeable.
Coffee grinding,  Powdered, Very Fine, Medium.
Following the Italian tradition of making espresso coffee, tightly compacted very fine ground coffee  is used in most of the capsules.  Medium ground is usually used in capsules for long coffee.
Nestle Nespresso are packed with 5 grams of very fine non compacted coffee while Nespresso Pro contain approx 7grams of coffee.
Lavazza A Modo Mio are packed with 7.5 grams of fine and compacted coffee.
Lavazza Espresso Point Single Shot are packed with 6.3 grams of very fine and compacted coffee.
Lavazza Espresso Point MAXI  are packed with 8-9 grams for single shot capsules and 12grams for double shot capsules  of fine and compacted coffee.
Lavazza BLUE  are packed with 8-9 grams for single shot capsules and 12grams for double shot capsules  of fine and compacted coffee.
ESE Pods are packed with 7 grams for single shot capsules and 12grams for double shot pods of fine and compacted coffee. Most popular are paper pods of 44mm which is an "Open Format" that can be used in most manual machines first developed by Illy caffè. The company liberalized access to the E.S.E. (Easy Serving Espresso)  patent in 1996 to create a single standard for the industry and promotes the industrial propagation of the espresso coffee brewing system. The Consortium for the Development and Protection of the Standard E.S.E. (Easy Serving Espresso) currently develop further this open format.
EspressoLand  is an Australian company specialised in online selling of quality Italian coffee in capsules for all major systems currently on the Market
System Flavours Compatible with Machines Note of Interest
Nespresso 21  Blends and counting Citiz, Essenza, Lattissima, U, Pixie, Maestria, other Nespresso compatible machines Capsules are self sealed and colour coded 5.6grams of Very fine coffee
A Modo Mio by Lavazza 14 Blends and counting Saeco and Electrolux A Modo Mio is an Innovative system introduced in 2007 Lavazza
Espresso Point Single Shot 8 Blends and counting All Espresso Point machines except EP MAXI Can be used in an EP MAXI machine with use of adapters
Espresso Point MAXI 4 Blends and counting Espresso Point MAXI machines only Double shot capsules
BLUE 6 Blends and counting LB110, LB1200, LB2500, LB2000, LB4103, LB4700, LB5000  and Automatic Vending using BLUE system BLUE system was launched in 2003 by Lavazza  aimed at a business market
ESE 3 Blends and counting Open Format. Classic Manual Machines and ESE machines ESE system launched in 1989 by Illy to offer convenience in home espresso preparation
Hard water affect the brewing and impairs the development of the fine flavours in the coffee. Hard water It is also responsible for unsightly limescale build-up in your coffee machine that reduce the life of the appliance. Water softeners such as OSCAR90 are widely used to protect appliances in the coffee industry. 
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