Comic grading, CGC vs PGX vs HALO

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Is it worth getting your comic graded, slabbed and who should you go with.
Comic grading is the process of giving a comic a rating out of 10, from 1 being very poor to 10 being out of the factory mint condition unopened. The smallest dent in a cover can drop it to below 9.8, a small crease or crack can drop it to 9 or lower and its in freefall the more you mishandle it. For the vast majority of comics who cares, but for about a thousand comics [title and issue numbers] comics must be handled with care. Even a comic issued THIS year can go from $4 in value to a thousand dollars in months, yes really, And like who believes ANYONE is going to pay the money some people are asking, I start to get cold feet at 20 bucks. But a thousand dollar comic can drop a thousand if you mishandle it. Three companies will grade and protect your comic: CGC, PGX, HALO. CGC and PGX are based in USA. While HALO is in Brisbane Australia.
  • If you have a valuable comic over say $200 you must go HALO, it is the bees knees for optical quality, if you don't believe me then just put the three side by side. CGC is the number one preferred because it has a more slimline lighter case and a cool Hologram on the front and is thought to have better graders, [most graders will be the same, some will be tougher] but beside a PGX the cheap blue plastic of the CGC is darker. PGX is optically clearer, quicker and cheaper, I also like that PGX tells you when you comic was last graded/cased on the label instead of having to look up a website. You will get your HALO in days to a couple weeks, PGX a bit longer and CGC  months.                               Cost wise HALO is too expensive for ordinary collectible comics, CGC is so so and PGX the cheapest. 30 comics including postage/shipping to/ from Australia will set you back about a thousand dollars, HALO you can add about 500 plus. CGC? why would you bother. Does the bluish tint gives better UV protection? most comic cases are going onto bookshelves, light is not a problem. AND you want to LOOK at your valuable comic to show off its colors or art.        80% of your comics are not worth grading or casing and once you case a comic you don't ever get to read it or touch it again. Should you do it? You can spend a week at the coast on holidays or get 30 comics put in HALO cases, I know what I would do, spend the money on HALO cases and dam the holiday.
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