Commodore Key Buttons

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Quality Silicone buttons Designed and Made in Australia

Will suit following models: VE, WM, VR,VS,VT,VU,VX,VY,VZ,WH,WK,WL,


If you remote key still works but buttons are badly cracked or worn simply buy  Silicone Buttons not whole remote. Silicon Buttons will Save you Money and Time with very easy to follow replacing procedure. Fix your remote with Our Silicone Buttons . No reprogramming needed. No need to open remote. No electronic board swapping. No glueing.

Why Our LSR Silicone Buttons will Outlast original and other buttons Many Times Over ?

Original buttons and some replacement buttons are made from elastomers that break down as they age. The oily substance that is released over period of time clogs up switches in remote and makes it difficult to use.

Check our Feedback for total sustomers satisfaction comments.
Our Buttons are made from German, medical grade LSR Silicone, the Only Silicone that does not degrade over period of time .You can trust quality of our well tested Truly Australian product invented, designed and manufactured by West Australian company.

To replace Buttons in Commodore VR,VS,VT,VU,VX,VY,VZ,WH,WK,WL remotes follow very easy replacement procedure as below  :

1.   Remove old, worn through buttons accessing it from outside of remote (DO NOT open remote!)

Hardened, old rubber buttons can be warmed up/softened with hair dryer set on low heat. This will make rubber more pliable.Old buttons can be removed in one of the following ways:

  • by tearing out a hole in the middle of the button until most of the micro switch is exposed  or
  •  cutting it out with scalpel, stanly knife or side cutter to uncover switch (be careful not to damage remote by cutting too much of the rubber)

2.  Clean key shell from old rubber button remains.The old buttons are connected inside with a flat piece of plastic, which doesn’t have to be removed if glued. If it’s loose, push it gently inside shell.

3.  Press fit new silicone buttons right over bare switch. No gluing needed. You may need small flat screwdriver to   push buttons in. If buttons don’t fit properly, remove it, clean shell again and re-fit it.

4.  Test your remote with the new buttons fitted in. Once button replacement is finished, remote is ready to use

For Instruction on how to fit Repair Pad for Commodore VE please check item listing.