Comparing Ducted Vacuum Systems

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Comparing a Ducted Vacuum System can be a bit tricky for the majority of first time owners. If you have had a Valet system before, it is real simple, if you have not you may ask why would i pay more when i can buy them for under $400 on ebay?

This is a good question and I am very glad you asked.

The cheaper systems generally are made in China, not built using industry proven motors, and therefore wont last. Expected life of the cheaper units is only 3 to 6 years, warranties are generally 2 years or under. Valet systems are made in the USA, using Lamb Amatek motors that have proven themselves over the last 30 years. All of our blue range uses Tangental Bypass motors, where the air vacuumed escapes via an exhaust on the motor and not through the motor. They use seperate inbuilt fans to cool the motor with clean filtered air. A bonus to this type of motor, besides the motors lasting 15 years plus is the fact you can run this exhaust exterior to your home, and fit a muffler to further silence the unit.

Valet Ducted Vacuums (blue range) are the ONLY Ducted Vacuum brand accepted by the National Asthma Council Australia and Asthma & Respratory Foundation NZ as a product beneficial to Asthma and Allergy sufferers with Valets design trapping 99.6% of particles in recent tests, and never recycling vacuumed air back into the home as with standard portable units of ANY design. Dust is collected in a large disposable, self sealing dust bag for clean effective disposal without re release of particles to the air. ALL bagless systems expose you to all of the nasties you just removed from your home, then require you to clean a filter, for this reason for your health's sake bagless should be avoided.

Valets simple design, and high tech motor controllers means long life and low maintenence. The only maintenence you need to do is replace the bag once or twice a year. A service at 3 years will extend the warranty by another 3 years making a 6 years and Valet the longest warranty system on the market.

How do you measure power differences and what specifications should i look at?

Airwatts is a term given to the performance capability of a unit determined by a combination of sealed vacuum lift (amount of water that the vacuum can lift up a tube, usually in mm, or inches) and vacuum flow (air rate) measurements. The higher the airwatts, generally means the more powerful system overall, however you may have a lot of carpet and prefer more lift, these are the things to consider for motor selection. We have a few models available to suit different size homes and vacuum requirements. All of our listings have links to product brochures for comparisons. The entire range and more information can be viewed at our website.

Noise levels, usually in db (decibels) mean how loud the system is (remembering the unit is normally in the carport, garage or outside of the home) normally measured at 1 metre from unit. This figure can be reduced further with a silencer and properly installed exhuast pipe.

What is the unit made out of? The yanks love their tanks, and these tanks are no exception. Made from rust resistant metal to outlast the competition.

Back up and warranty support. Can you get that with a competitive system? Valet has many dealers around Australia (and other countries too) all obtainable on one National Phone Number.

Can you get this much info in 5 minutes from the competition, and for free?

If you require any more information please call during Adelaide business hours on 0410 264 107.


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