Contech Scarecrow

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No one wants to put a strain on neighbourly relations, however, when their cat or dog are leaving stockpiles of poop in  the yard, or digging up your garden, what do you do??? There is a way to protect your yard, without having to say a word to your neighbour, and without having to stand guard. The Contech Scarecrow is an animal deterrent that is designed to automatically prevent animals from getting access to certain areas.

What you can use the Contech Scarecrow for?

Keep unwanted pests out of your yard, with the Contech Scarecrow animal deterrent. Stop these animals from destroying flower beds, pulling over your bins or jumping into your ponds with this helpful and effective device.

The Contech Scarecrow will humanely and effectively scare animals away from your property. The motion activated sprinkler automatically detects almost any animal, be they possums, rabbits, cats, dogs or birds, and repels them with a short but startling burst of water. Unwanted pests get the message right away, associating the sudden, noise movement and spray from the scarecrow, with the area that they are in and therefore learning to stay away from the location to avoid any similar surprises in the future.

How the Scarecrow works

The Contech Scarecrow has an in-built motion sensor that will pick up on any animal moving in front of it. Once this motion sensor is triggered, the Scarecrow releases its deterrent - 2 cups of water. This small amount of water, when placed under pressure through the Scarecrow can cover an area of up to 90 square metres. It can reach a massive 10 metres straight out in front of it.

What makes the Scarecrow stand out compared to similar animal deterrents?

The Contech Sacrecrow is simple, easy to use device that requires very little set up. It operates 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and is powered by a 9V battery.

The manufacturer is so confident with their product that they have a 2 year warranty with its purchase. Animals quickly learn that a short burst of water will cover them every time they enter a particular area. This will cause them to avoid the area entirely. All of this from 2 cups of water and a 9V battery. In fact, the Scarecrow is so efficient, that you should get up to 6 months out of each battery. Enquire today for more information.


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