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Hi there

I`m just going to quickly go over a couple of confusing new models the brainwaves in the marketing division at dewalt thought they might release such as, DCF826, DC827 and DCD970, just to make sure that any customers who arn`t already confused will be now.  We at least that`s what it looks like to us.
So i`ll briefly try to unravel the mystery for a few people.
This might help folks understand why there are 18 volt cordless tools with different model numbers that appear the same in every respect except the label.

To put it simply they are the same in every way except the label.

There`s a few tools out there at the moment that have different labels and model numbers but are the same tool.  Such as DC825, DCF826, DC827 are a prime example.
They are all the same tool.
 I mean exactly the same tool not just similar.
So if someone is trying to tell you a DC827 is better than a DC825 and want you to pay more for it they are lying to you !!!!
So don`t be had.
They are the same tool with a different label.  Same goes for hammer drills DCD950 and DCD970.  They are the same tool in almost every way.

Pictures show it easier,  here`s DC825 and DC827 up close.  Same parts in every way, same impact mechanism, same triggers, same clam shell.
Everything bar the sticker on the side.




Notice the colour of the clutch rings?  

Why you ask are all these tools the same but called different model numbers ?
That`s a great question and here`s where dewalt makes it confusing, since they still release kits with ni-cd - xrp batteries and now they have new li-ion batteries both full size and compact they thought it would be a good idea to make each tool a different model number according to what batteries come in the kit with the tool.
Rather than just put an "li" or ni(for ni-cd) after a kit number they must have thought it would be less confusing to just label tools with different numbers even though they are the same.....
How silly.
This has been done with some other tools too such as DCD950 hammer drill and DCD970, they are the same tool, it`s just that DCD950 came with ni-cd batteries and DCD970 comes with li-ion batteries and so they gave them both a different number and one a different coloured clutch ring as you can see clearly above.
The DCD970 is the drill shown above on the right with the silver clutch ring and the left is the DCD950.
What a way to get people confused.
Who knows what they do in the marketing department........
Now there`s quite a lot of drills that dewalt makes and as a side note here`s some basics.  The DC988 was dewalt's beast of a drill for a long time, they can still be found as reco drills here and there and i`ve heard a rumour dewalt was going to start making them again because so many people wanted them but now the XR slide gear is out there i doubt they ever will, but who knows.  A friend of mine who is a sparky had a couple of those 988`s at least 8 years old and they had been used so much i couldn`t believe the condition they were in.  We slapped some new batteries in them and away they went, good as gold.  The bearings are a bit noisy and loose but they ran well enough for what he does to them.  That was one of the best drills ever made.  The 988 was discontinued.  For a while they pushed the 925, this wasn`t a bad drill particularly and lots of people still ask me for them because of the pure grunt the tool had.  It did have it`s issues though, one of them being the side shift gear box being a pig to get from one gear into another.  This is something that changed in the newer drill.  Dewalt no longer makes the 925 and that was replaced with the DCD950 which has been the flagship for quite a while for dewalt.  The DCD950 is a lot better than the 925 in many ways especially when it comes to changing gears, but it actually has a little less power than what the 925 had and that was the biggest complaint about the update when the DCD950 first came out.  It`s pretty much proved itself to be the best most durable drill on the market for guys who like to give drills a hard time.

The new XR 20V max Drill DCD985 is now the latest creation and designed to replace the DCD950 / 970 as the flagship drill for the 18V li-ion XR range.
As far as comparing the DCD950 XRP Drill and the DCD985 XR Drill, well that`s a whole guide to itself.  But simply to say, the DCD985 is noticeably lighter, has a much improved balance and not nearly as nose heavy as the DCD950, it has a much nicer grip and the batteries are smaller and can fit in your pocket unlike the old XRP batteries with the silly spout on them.

So too round up

DC825, DCF826 & DC827 1/4" hex shank impact drivers are all the same tool.
DCD950 and DCD970 hammer drills are also the same tool but with a different coloured clutch ring as you can see in the pictures above.
The different part numbers refer to the kit the tool comes in and what type of batteries are in that kit.
DC825 and DCD950 come with ni-cd batteries in a kit.
DC827, DCF826 and DCD970 come with li-ion batteries in a kit and that`s where the numbers on the labels come from and that`s why they are different.  DCF826 comes in a two tool kit (DCK265l) and so that`s why it has a different number too.  They are all the same tool with different labels and if a tool comes in a kit with a compact battery then you guessed it that gets a special model number as well.
No wonder people get confused hey.  You certainly couldn`t be blamed if you were.

I hope that makes sense and makes it a bit clearer.  I`m sure a few people were wondering are they different ?  The short answer is no.  This is the same for a few other tools too.
 I also hope it stops someone from paying extra for a tool they think is better when it`s just the same.  So watch for people charging extra for the DC827`s and DCD970`s and don`t get sucked into thinking it`s something special and that they are updates of DC825 or DCD950 because they are not a proper update of the tools, it`s just a bad way of marketing the same tool being supplied in a kit with different types of batteries.

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