Dry Fire your Rifle or Shotgun Safely with Snap Caps

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Dry firing your rifle or shotgun can be every bit as beneficial as target practice, in the sense that you will become more familiar with your gun and grab valuable insight to the firearm as a hunting rig. A set of snap caps will keep you from damaging your firearm by giving the firing pin or other ignition system, a spring-loaded “primer” to strike. The value to dry firing will become apparent the very first session you employ, as you will notice your ability to sense every piece of the firing sequence and find your target in order to improve your abilities as a hunter. A snap cap is an invaluable piece of safety equipment as well; with regulations mandating responsible storage of firearms to prevent accidents, the humble snap cap can become a lifesaver. Having a “dummy round” like a snap cap in the chamber will keep live ammunition from accidentally being loaded and then discharged. Snap caps can also help determine the basic functionality of a firearm, by helping you to run rounds through the gun. A good quality snap cap will be made of durable materials and from a well-known producer; be sure to understand how they work and use them in the proper chamber. Used properly, the snap cap can provide invaluable feedback on your shooting skills, trigger engagement and target acquisition, proving that this tool is an excellent addition to any hunter's arsenal. 

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