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How to spot Fake LED Lenser Torches.

Hi again folks,

I've posted this guide so that people have something to compare too and know how to tell the fakes from the Genuine Originals.  Some of these pictures were sent to us by a customer who bought a fake torch online and needed an idea of what the genuine items looked like so he could compare it and check if it was real.  So we helped him out.  The fake copies are actually a little difficult to pick from a distance but if you know what your looking for then it's quite easy to tell them apart.  If you'd never owned an LED Lenser torch then you would have no idea you have bought a fake.  So if you have one then go and have a look at it properly and compare to the real thing.

So I'll put up a few pictures of our original Lenser P7 Torches which i just took with my camera from our stock and I'll put up a few pictures from what our customer sent us of his fake torches.

EBay guide pictures don't come out in very high res so I'll also upload this guide and high res photos to our Website also, which i can't link on this page due to eBay policy.  But if you Google SchmidtsTools.  Then think to add .com.au to your search you'd probably find what your looking for.

So as everyone knows who has read any of my tool guides I'm a very straight shooter and what i say you can always take to the bank as 100% the honest facts.

We had a customer pass on his photos of a fake torch and I'm not trying to bag out other sellers of Genuine LED Lenser products, but beware because obviously there are fake versions of these going around and they are coming out of China, Hong Kong and Singapore but advertised and sold out of Sydney, Victoria and other places in Australia via mail transfer businesses shipping for customers overseas or local guys here who have bought fake versions from China, Singapore and Hong Kong sellers and are passing them on to unsuspecting customers.  Even though it will say item location is Australia that doesn't always mean the seller is in Australia.

Anyways so lets cut to the chase.  After closely examining the pictures we were sent we could tell quite a few differences that people wouldn't notice especially if they had nothing to compare to.

Check the picture below of the Code on the side in the right bottom corner.

Below is a fake LED Lenser P7.  

Looks Pretty good doesn't it?  You can see the number is actually Centred directly under the Lenser Logo and looks neat.  Most people would think that is real.

It's Not.  That's the fake one above.

Lenser do not centre the number under the circle logo they actually line up the last digits on the serial number with the number above it which on these puts the start of the number slightly to the right of center of the logo.

Check the picture below.  It's a real LED Lenser P7 torch.
See how the start of the numbers is pushed to the right and not centered under the logo and the last digits line up.

It's about 2mm to the right of centre and not directly centered under the logo and the last digits on the serial line up with the end of the 7 above it.  That is a real Lenser Torch Above.
You will also notice a difference in the font of the numbers.  LED lenser numbers arn't really curved and tend to be flat along the edges with a slight curve on the corners.  If you check the numbers on the fake torch at the top you'll see the numbers are rounded a lot more and thin.  Look at the Number 5.  The real Lenser Torch almost looks like a Flat S shape, where as the fake is fully rounded no 5 and often thinner lettering.  I hope you see what i mean.  Check the number 1.  Totally wrong font.

Check below, the font is clear.  Below is a fake.

Check the font on this one below.  That's a real Lenser torch. 

Next is the laser logo near the lense.

There's a couple of things wrong with this, and you really have to look closely to see.  Like i say these pictures on eBay wont be the best and high res pics will be on our Website when i get time to upload it.

But firstly the colour is off a little.
The logo isn't positioned correctly it's almost right on the seam join.

The picture below is a fake P7.

Notice the logo is very very close to the edge.

On a Genuine torch the logo is about 2mm from the edge.
The actual star design on this logo is wrong too, you can see it's hand made, the line on the right side touches the triangle Edge.  Led Lenser symbol doesn't touch the edge of the triangle.  On the LED Lenser symbol the points are all the same size except the one bar on the right that extends further.

On the fake symbol they have points that are 2 different sizes.  One short one long, one short, one long, more like a star symbol.

This is a Genuine P7 Below.

So that's a give away.

There's also issues with the battery casings,

Genuine on the left, fake on the right.  Note the silver contacts, neat solder points, the "C02 marking on the original and the + symbol versus the copy.

The inner surfaces of the housing also differ from the originals, the powder coating is a lot smoother on the originals.  The surface on the copies is visably a bit rougher.  There's also a thickness difference in the aluminium at the end of the housing.

Next is the actual lenses.
Notice the patent pending writing is different from one to the other.

Fake below.


Genuine Below.

There's also the buttons, on the originals they stick out from the end of the P7 torch a bit and are rounded to be the same shape as the end of the torch.  On the fake version the button is almost level with the end of the torch and not rounded properly.  Some fakes have a smooth button when it should be rippled.

So that will hopefully help a few people pick out the fakes. 

Generally speaking the price will be a give away.  If someone is selling LED Lenser torches and they are $10 or $20 cheaper than every other store on EBay then they are usually not real.  There's not enough mark up in small items like that to be able to just under cut all the large stores by $20.  Most large stores are operating on small margins and buying in bulk at wholesale prices, so there is no other store than can sell genuine items for $20 less than what most of the really large stores can.  It's as simple as that.  Some sellers may claim they are selling 5 or 6 year old stock and that is why it looks different.  This is not true.  LED lenser doesnt have stock piles sitting around from 2006, check with the manufacturer, they'll vouch for that.

If you have a fake torch and you've just realised then for gods sake report it to PayPal and eBay.  You can also report it to LED Lenser in Germany because they do actually care and they do get listings removed and sellers banned from eBay and they also prosecute people that make or sell fake LED Lenser Products.  The local distributer can also identify fakes via the serial numbers most of the time so you can get in touch with them as well.  Then other people don't come along and have the same thing happen to them as what happened to you.  LED Lenser do actually get solicitors to get involved so it's really worth reporting it.

And just as a side note, the picture of the fake torch above was confirmed by the manufacturer and the local distributers as a fake P7.  So there you go, the buyer was correct when he sent these to us to check if it was fake or not.  I spoke to the guys at Zen imports myself.  So this is not second hand information.  The people that make the fakes of course change up as quick as they can and are probably working on fixing these differences as you read this and the next generation of copies will be even harder to detect i imagine.

When i get time i'll post up some info about a H7 copy that we got sent info about as well.  A very similar story basically.  I did notice on the H7 fake we saw the yellow laser sticker had been reproduced perfectly to match the originals.  So depending on how good the copy is that sticker may look real.  The positioning of the serial codes and the actually shape of the numbers is one of the best indicaters.  If the numbers are rounded rather than being a little squarer and flat like the version you see on the real one above then that's one of the easiest ways to pick them.

I Really hope that helps someone tell if there product was genuine or not.

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All the best until next time

Brendon @ Schmidts Power Tools
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