FAQ - Where is my Refund ??? Where did it Go ???

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We ALWAYS Process refunds the very same day that we receive back the item in question but the buyer is often left wondering : Where is my refund ??? Where did it go ???

The answer is : The money is in your Paypal Acocunt waiting for you to do something with it !!!

The money from these transaction does not automatically go back to you Bank Account or Credit Card so you are not going to see it there !!!

It goes to your Paypal Account (and stays there) and you have to log DIRECTLY into Paypal to see it & only from there you may if you wish, transfer the money back to your accounts (we obviously we as a seller cannot do as we have no access of your own private Paypal Account)

If you leave the money in Paypal then it will be used when you make any other purchase using Paypal in the future

Can you find it now ?

Special Note - Credit Card payment through Payapal:
If the money was paid directly from a Credit Card to Paypal (NOT Bank Account to Paypal) and then a refund was undertaken on the transaction then the refund back to the Credit card can take several weeks