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This is a short guide on what you will want to look for when building or purchasing a Gaming PC.

Gaming Pc's can be very demanding, also expensive. However this will depend on the level of quality you want in your game(s) and the price you want to pay.

The make the most of everything you will want to purchase certain hardware in a certain order, Below is a list starting from 1# most important to 6# least important.

You will offcourse need the obviouse componants but u will want the most important things to be of better speed and quality etc.


1# Graphics Card  - GPU (This is the absoloute most important)

2# Processor  - CPU (Second most important)

3# Memory  - RAM (With slow and small amount of ram you wont be able to load high resolution Textures properly, This is very important especially in MMO's)

4# Harddrive - HD (You will most proberly want to run 2 Harddrives of the same size and RPM with Raid 0, This will increase overall system performance when it comes to load times, etc.)

5# Motherboard - Mobo (Now this doesnt really matter to be honest there all good, You just need the right one for your above components, Compatibility etc.) For instance if you want to

     run a Nvidia SLI setup you will need a Nvidia based chipset motherboard thats support 2/3 way SLI. same go's for ATI Crossfire.

6# External Hardware - Keyboard, Mouse, Speakers, Router, etc (These things are not so important,)



Computer Technology never stops or slows down, Buying the best of the best is not recommened unless you really must have the best thing in town.

After 1 year that computer that was built with the best of the best just got outdated. The thing is when you buy the best of the best with PC hardware

Your pocket will suffer heavy, You are better of buying second best. You will most proberly save half the cash by doing this, This means you could

upgrade more constantly rather then 1 huge best of the best PC for a few months.

Gaming PC's can be built relativly cheap if you follow the Piorities. Dont just go get any PC, know what u need it to run.


Building / Retail

This depends on your Pocket and how much money your willing to throw around. I prefer to build my own PC any day of the week.

There is lot's of helpfull information floating about on the internet to help you built one, you dont need to be super smart with PC's,

The benefits of building your own PC are huge, You will save money, You will have the Gaming PC setup the way you want.

That does not mean that you will not get a good deal with a already built PC, Nore does it mean you wont get every peice of hardware you want either, But chances are slim.

Retail shops just dont cut it for me at all, There are lots of Already built PC's on Ebay and they are usually very well worth it.


Just remember to study your Gaming PC before you Build or Buy it,

Get as much information as you can and compare it,


Happy Gaming !!


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