Gelcoat and Flowcoat

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Gelcoat when mixed with MEKP and if painted on a surface will stay 'sticky' to touch even when dry. Flowcoat or Finish Coat (is sort of like gelcoat, only it has a special wax solution mixed in with it) and will, when mixed with MEKP and painted on a surface, remain glossy and 'slippery' to touch when dry.

Gelcoat is mainly used when moulding product from a mould (like a boat), while flowcoat is most commonly used to finish paint the inside bins or interiors of power boats etc. Both Gelcoat and Flowcoat use approximately 600 grams of material per square meter of cover per coat.

The most common colour for flowcoat & gelcoat is white. They are both available in 'natural' to which pigment can be added (varies between 5% - 10%) to achieve the desired colour.

MEKP - Catalyst

MEKP is the hardener for both Flowcoat and Gelcoat. As a starting point for most, MEKP is added at a ratio of 2.5% for Flowcoats and Gelcoats. Obviously the amount will need to be adjusted depending on working time required, temperature of the day and humidity. MEKP is a clear liquid and is most dangerous to use. Please adhere to any instructions placed on the label.

Q. How much area will a 5kg tin of Flowcoat cover?  
A. coverage is 500 to 600 grams per square meter  
Q. Should I use Gelcoat or Flowcoat to repair chips and scratches in my boat?  
A. Use flow coat for all your small repairs as Gel coat will not fully cure when exposed to air. The wax on flow coat seals the resin from the oxygen and allows it to cure, so don’t even touch it to see if it's gone off yet or it just may stay tacky for a long time! 
Gelcoat is designed to cure in the absence of air such as in a mold beneath layers of a laminate. Exposed to the air, it will remain tacky and un-sandable for days. To exclude the air, we can cover the repair with non-stick kitchen cling wrap or, more simply, add a solution of wax-in-styrene. The gelcoat (now called flowcoat) can be applied as you would a thick paint and it will cure fully for sanding in an hour or two.  
Q. Can you use flowcoat on a deck that has been sealed with epoxy?  
A. The usual rule is that epoxies will go over polyester, but polyesters will not go over epoxies  
Q. How do you convert Gelcoat into Flowcoat?  
A. To convert Gelcoat into flowcoat, one adds wax solution. The amount of wax solution is about twice the amount of  MEKP. So, for example only, if someone was adding 20mls of MEKP into their Gelcoat, then 40 mls of wax solution would be added at the same time and stirred in well to convert the Gelcoat into the Flowcoat.  
Q. Does the natural flowcoat/ Gelcoat dry clear?  
A. no it does not it is a light amber colour opaque. You need clear flowcoat for that.  
Q. Do you know where I can get colored flowcoat/ gelcoat?  
A. You can purchase our Natural Flowcoat or Gelcoat, and we have a range of pigments to colour it with – all available in our store!  
Q. Can you please tell me if this flowcoat is in liquid form ready to spray?  
A. yes it is a liquid. This flowcoat is for brushing not spraying. You can however, add styrene to thin it for spraying. Styrene can only be added up to 10% max. 

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