Go Kart Engine Buying Guide

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Go Kart Engine Buying Guide

Go karts are small, four-wheeled vehicles used in both recreational and professional racing. Go karts come in all shapes and sizes, and were originally designed as "soap-box carts", intended to be powered by gravity. Today, go karts are powered by engines or electric motors. Go karts are used on both indoor and outdoor tracks, which often influences the type of engine needed to power the kart. Further, whether the go kart is used for recreational or professional racing influences the type of engine desired.

When go kart enthusiasts are set to take the track, it is always nice to know that their kart is being powered by the very best of engines. Go kart engines are purchased at go kart stores, motor stores, or online at useful websites like eBay. Consumers interested in purchasing a go kart engine should understand the different types of go kart engines, as well as the popular go kart engine manufacturers and models available for purchase.

Types of Go Kart Engines

There are traditionally two types of go kart engines, the four stroke and the two stroke engine. Additionally, while not actually an engine by definition, go karts are also powered by electric motors.

Four Stroke Go Kart Engine

Four stroke engines are internal combustion engines for which the piston of the engine needs to complete four strokes during two separate revolutions in order to power the engine's crankshaft. Four stroke go kart engines are typically standard, air-cooled industrial-based engines that are usually powered by gasoline. While four stroke go kart engines are used for recreational purposes, they are also found in racing go karts.

Further, four stroke go kart engines are typically used on go karts performing on outdoor tracks because of the fumes emitted from the go kart. Four stroke go kart engines range in power from engines that develop from five to about 20 horsepower to engines that reach up to 90 horsepower and over 321 kilometres per hour.

Two Stroke Go Kart Engine

Two stroke engines are also internal combustion engines for which the piston completes two strokes in one complete revolution to power the crankshaft. Two stroke go kart engines are either gasoline, or electric-powered engines, that are used primarily for recreational purposes on both indoor and outdoor tracks. Two stroke go kart engines are ideal for young or inexperienced drivers. Similar to four stroke go kart engines, two stroke go kart engines range in power and may reach up to 250 kilometres per hour.

Electric Motor

While not an engine by the traditional definition, it should also be mentioned that go karts are also powered by electric motors, instead of four or two stroke engines. Electric motors are powered by lead-acid batteries that are charged in a specific electrical outlet in between each use. Go karts powered by electric motors typically run for about 20 minutes before needing to be recharged. Electric motors are environmentally-friendly as they emit no pollution, and are used in both indoor and outdoor tracks. Some two stroke engines are outfitted with optional electric motors.

Go Kart Engine Manufacturers

There are several popular go kart engine manufacturers. Some manufacturers are better known for engines used specifically for go kart racing, while other manufacturers produce a wide line of engines.


Yamaha is a Japanese-based company that produces motorised vehicles and motorised vehicle parts, including go karts and go kart engines. Yamaha makes powerful four stroke engines, primarily used for go kart racing. These engines produce between 12 and 48 horsepower.


Pro Racing Design Company, or "PRD", is a Taiwan-based company that manufactures small boat engines, fire propulsion engines, and go kart engines. PRD is particularly well-known for the manufacturing of its powerful two stroke go kart engine, the PRD fireball. The PRD fireball was created as a gateway into the world of go karting for new and entry-level go kart racers.

Briggs & Stratton

Briggs & Stratton is the world's largest manufacturer of gasoline-powered, air-cooled engines for outdoor equipment, including go karts. Briggs & Stratton is a United States based company and produces three popular go kart engines. Briggs & Stratton's most powerful engine produces 12 horsepower.


Honda is a Japan-based corporation with the largest manufacturing of internal combustion engines in the world. Honda makes a number of small but powerful four stroke go kart engines. Typically, these engines are multi-purpose engines manufactured for a number of outdoor equipment devices.


Italian American Motor Engineering or "IAME" is the largest go kart engine manufacturer in the world. IAME has powered go karts that have won 25 karting world championships. Further, IAME is responsible for engines powering European Formula A champions in 2000, 2001, and 2004 and Formula One World Champions in 2005 and 2006. IAME makes a large range of go kart engines for both professionals and amateurs.


Like the name suggests, Swissauto is a Swiss-based company that prototypes and manufactures internal combustion engines for various types of automotive engines, including go kart engines. Swissauto produces both two stroke and four stroke engines for professional and amatuer go kart drivers. Swissauto also produces a number of top line turbochargers.

Comparison of Go Kart Engine Models

The following chart compares a few popular models of go kart engines. This comparison outlines go kart engine make, model, type, and horsepower, all of which are crucial to go kart enthusiasts.







Four stroke



Fireball 125cc

Two stroke




Two stroke



Parilla Leopard 125 RL

Four stroke


This chart should act as a starting point in the go kart engine purchasing process. Keep in mind that this chart should not take the place of individual research into the full line of go kart engine models available.

How to Buy a Go Kart Engine on eBay

Go kart engines are a necessary component for powering a go kart, whether racing for sport or riding for pleasure. eBay has a variety of go kart engines by a range of manufacturers available for purchase from a host of different sellers. Regardless of what you are looking for, eBay can help. For example, if you are set on purchasing the Honda GY6 go kart engine, simply navigate to the eBay website portal, type the term Honda GY6 engine into the keyword search, and click the search button. You may then scroll through the options matching this description.

While looking for the perfect go kart engine, do not forget to check out eBay Deals. The eBay Deals page provides Automotive & Boats Deals, including go kart engines. This is just one way eBay makes buying a go kart easy and affordable.


Whether riding for fun or racing for sport, go karting has been around since the mid-1950s. As a result, the activity has evolved much since its inception. Today, go kart engines are made specifically for amateur hobbyists, as well as for professional racers. Go kart engines are available as either two stroke or four stroke and are manufactured by well-known companies such as Yamaha, Honda, and IAME.

As riders make that turn towards the finish line with a gold medal in mind, trusting the engine that brought you there is a must. Because of the popularity of go karts, today there are thousands of different model engines to choose from. These models range in price and horsepower. As such, a consumer should familiarise themselves with the types of go kart engines available, the range of manufacturers who produce these engines, and the different models available.

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