HOW TO SPOT FAKE UGG BOOTS! The honest sellers named!!

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There are LOTS of fake UGG AUSTRALIA boots on the market.  How do you spot them?

So you want a pair of UGG boots.  You don’t want to be ripped off so you are reading this to help you spot the fakes, right?  That’s great but let’s makes sure we are talking about the same thing.

Because buying UGG boots is tricky stuff!!

The first thing is to know exactly what you are looking for.  Are you looking for Ugg boots or Ugg Australia boots?  This is important, and be careful because there is a huge difference and not knowing could cost you hard earned cash.
So how do you spot the fakes?

It's Simple!!  When you understand these two facts.

1.     Every new UGG AUSTRALIA boot sold on eBay by a reseller has to be a fake.

2.     There is no such thing as a fake Ugg Boot. 

Still Confused?

A lot of sellers will count on that and take advantage of you so read on and it will all become clear!!  If you don’t understand these simple facts you won’t even be able to make a PayPal claim when your “fakes” show up.
The fact is Ugg Australia strictly prohibits the sale of their product on eBay.  To buy their product wholesale you must be an established reseller and you must sign a contract declaring that you will not sell their product here.

UGG AUSTRALIA say on their web site,  “Be cautious of purchasing what are advertised as UGG® products on eBay, and other auction Web sites. Authorized UGG® Australia retailers are not permitted to sell products on eBay trade boards, therefore the UGG® products on auction sites is often counterfeit. The cheap price often reflects the products poor quality, not living up to the UGG® Australia standard. However, many counterfeiters are now charging full retail price to avoid detection from consumers.”

To sell UGG AUSTRALIA Boots on eBay you would have to buy them at retail prices.  That leaves no room for any mark-up or profit.  It simply is not possible to make money selling genuine UGG AUSTRALIA boots on eBay.

  Here is the list of eBay sellers known to be selling genuine UGG AUSTRALIA Boots. 


Yep, I know it’s a very short list but there is a reason for that.

UGG AUSTRALIA do not permit the sale of their boots on eBay.

If you are claiming to sell the genuine article on eBay I’m calling you out!!

Prove it!!

If you are the exception please contact me and I will add your name to this very comprehensive and prestigious list.

No, having the guy from China that sold you your shipment of dodgy boots claim that they are made in the same factory does not make them genuine.   It makes them an illegal import.

If you are found with these, they will be confiscated, you won’t get your money back and you could be prosecuted…   Fact!

If the seller is selling a single pair that was an unwanted gift that is a different story.  But if they have them in size and colour options, beware!!

UGG AUSTRALIA keeps a very comprehensive list of on line resellers selling the genuine article on their web site.  Nope!!  No eBay sellers there!!
So who is selling the genuine UGG boots on eBay?

Well that’s an easy question to answer.  Everyone not claiming to be selling genuine UGG AUSTRALIA boots is probably selling a legitimate product.

Say What?

It’s really very simple.  Ugg boots are not a brand of boots they are a type of boot.
The terms ugg boots, ugh boots and ug boots have been used as generic terms for this type of boots in Australia since the early 1950s.

The confusion started in 1978 when an Australian surfer named Brian Smith took the boots to America and started the company UGG AUSTRALIA, registering that trademark.  In 1995 Deckers Outdoor Corporation acquired UGG AUSTRALIA. 

Ugg Holdings made an attempt to stop the smaller, original, Australian long-term manufacturers from using the word UGG claiming they sell the original Australian ugg boot (made in China). 

However in the 2006 the Australian trademarks register removed registration 245662 (UGH-BOOTS) from the registrar.

There are many different manufacturers of Ugg boots - along with Decker's "Original UGG Australia" boots.  These are legally available for sale and correctly called Ugg Boots.

They come in many forms from superb handmade Australian sheep skin boots to synthetic boots made in China!  The Australian product is stunning.  The Chinees product is cheap.  You get what you pay for and if you don’t, complain and leave appropriate feedback.  Don’t however expect a $50 pair of boots to be genuine sheep skin and of a high quality.  That’s not possible and unreasonable.

What does this mean to you?
If you buy Ugg boots on eBay expecting UGG AUSTRALIA boots you will almost certainly not receive genuine UGG AUSTRALIA boots.

If they were listed as UGG AUSTRALIA boots then you have a legitimate case and your money will be refunded.

If however the boots were listed simply as Ugg Boots and the seller has made no attempt to pass them off as UGG AUSTRALIA boots it is you who has made the mistake and you have no grounds to make a PayPal claim against the seller.

Finally, if you have received UGG AUSTRALIA boots that are suspect please also notify UGG AUSTRALIA on their web site.  They will take action to prevent other people being ripped off!!

At  Girls Obsession we do do sell Ugg boots but do not sell UGG AUSTRALIA boots.  As an Australian company we never have and never will.

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