Heller Wall Heater Buying Guide

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Heller Wall Heater Buying Guide

Human beings, being warm-blooded creatures, resort to using different items to protect themselves from cold weather, and when indoors, the use of wall heaters is not uncommon. A number of heater manufacturers make wall heaters, and Heller is one such brand. Many buyers turn to Heller's wall heaters because of their quality and reliability, and the fact that Heller heaters are looked upon as affordable alternatives.

Finding Heller wall heaters is not difficult; buyers can visit brick-and-mortar shops that deal in home appliances or they can log onto websites like eBay. However, before making a purchase, buyers should ideally learn about the different types of wall heaters that are on the market.

Different Types of Wall Heaters

When it comes to buying wall heaters manufactured by Heller, buyers have three basic alternatives from which to choose. These include convection heaters, ceramic heaters, and radiant heaters.

Convection Heaters

Convection heaters provide a steady flow of heat by drawing in cool air, heating it using a heating element, and then expelling the warmed air. As opposed to fan and radiant heaters, these heaters can efficiently heat entire rooms. However, since they do not come with fans, they tend to be larger than radiant and fan heaters. They do not make any noise, as is the case with heaters that use fans, and since their elements stay hidden, they are safer than most other types of heaters. One drawback is that they tend to be more expensive than radiant heaters. Heller manufactures different convection heaters.

Ceramic Heaters

Wall mountable ceramic heaters are also convection heaters in the basic sense, and they work using ceramic elements along with fans to provide faster and increased heating. They are ideal for rooms where heat is required for prolonged periods.

Radiant Heaters

Radiant heaters, or bar heaters or infrared heaters, are commonly used in bathrooms, and they do not directly heat air as is the case with convection heaters; on the other hand, they provide direct heat in limited areas. These heaters tend to come without thermostats, although they can come with timers. They do not work well when entire rooms need heating, and using them in rooms with poor insulation or high ceilings does not help very much. Heller also manufactures wall radiant heaters.

Quartz Heaters

Heller's radiant heaters comprise of Quartz heaters, or strip heaters. Strip heaters make use of one to three heating elements housed inside some kind of metal casing. Since these elements get extremely hot, the use of metal grills in most designs is quite common. These heaters heat up much faster than ceramic heaters, although the area to which they provide heat remains limited.

Heller Convection Heaters

Heller makes convection heaters that function as both wall units and freestanding units. Buyers have the option of choosing between 1,500-watt and 2,000-watt models. Both of these models offer variable heat settings and use sheathed heating elements. Heller's convection heaters come in slim designs. They come with LED panels and 24-hour timers, as well as offer completely silent heating, automatic frost protection, and they also incorporate safety overheating protection. In addition, buyers also have the option to look for Heller convection wall heaters that come with turbo fans and three heat settings.

Heller Ceramic Heaters

These heaters, as the name implies, use ceramic heating elements, and while these are essentially 2,000-watt heaters, they offer users two heat settings: 1,000 watts and 2,000 watts. Heller ceramic wall heaters give users the ability to choose between cool, warm, and hot air, and the PTC heating that they employ results in high thermal efficiency. They come with oscillating louvres that are capable of wide angle oscillation, which aids even distribution of air. Heller ceramic heaters come with remote controls, LCD panels, and timers that help simplify their use, and from the safety perspective, they offer overheat protection and indicator lights.

Heller Strip Heaters

Heller strip heaters come in 1,200-watt and 1,500-watt models. They come in different colours like silver and grey, and they offer multiple heat settings. For example, the chrome 1,500-watt, wall-mounted heater offers three heat settings: 500 watts, 1,000 watts, and 1,500 watts. Heller's strip heaters come with adjustable angles that allow users to angle the heater upwards or downwards. They come with safety thermal fuses and overheat protection, and buyers can also look for models that come with pull-cords.

Other Heller Heaters

Heller's freestanding panel heater with towel rails makes an interesting addition to a bathroom. This company makes fan heaters in different designs that come in compact designs and offer multiple heat and cool settings along with frost-free positions and variable room thermostats. Heller also makes halogen heaters sold in 1,200-watt and 1,600-watt models. While the 1,200-watt models offers three heat settings, the 1,600-watt model offers four heat settings, and both come with oscillating functionalities that help to heat larger areas when compared to halogen heaters that do not have oscillating blades. In terms of safety, these heaters come with special housing, safety grills, safety thermal cuts, and overheat protection.

How to Buy a Heller Wall Heater on eBay

Buyers looking for Heller wall heaters can find adequate options when searching through heating deals on eBay. This platform also gives buyers the opportunity to avail of free delivery through some of its sellers. In addition, a number of top-rated sellers on eBay sell Heller wall heaters, convection, ceramic, and strip heaters included, and dealing with top sellers helps to provide buyers with some peace of mind.

When buying Heller wall heaters through this platform, buyers should establish which type of heater they need at the onset, as this helps to narrow down suitable alternatives. Buyers can also consider buying used Heller heaters if need be, although in such instances, paying attention to quality becomes pertinent.

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