How To Choose The Best Spray Tanning Equipment

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The guide is designed to help you understand what type of spray tanning equipment you would need of your business or home use. 

When starting your own spray tanning business it is so important to have the good quality equipment suitable to the type of business you want to operate. It is important to purchase your equipment off a legitimate supplier who offers a warranty or guarantee. 

Let’s investigate the different types of equipment you will need for your spray tanning business:

1.  HVLP (High Volume Low Pressure) Machine is the most popular in the spray tanning industry and are widely used in salons and mobile businesses in Australia. I recommend a HVLP 550W or 700W machine  as it has a number of features that will benefit you and your salon:

- It has 3 Speed Settings: high, medium and low.
- There is a heat function to aid in drying and comfort for your client.
- It contains an automatic shut off to prevent the unit from overheating.
- This system contains a deluxe gun so it does not leak, you will only use 30-50mls per spray tan.
- The machine allows you to tan your client in under five minutes.
- The HVLP machine is suitable if you are starting out in the spray tanning industry as it is very easy to use,  it is lightweight and enables you to tan a client in under 5 minutes. There are other spray tanning machines  for example, a compressor or airbrushing machine which can take up to 20 minutes to tan a client. 
- The HVLP machine is an advantage because you can tan up to 6 clients per hour and increase your profits per hour.

2. Pop Up Tent: You will definitely need a spray tanning tent even if you are tanning from home, going mobile or tanning in a fixed salon. The pop up tent will stop the overspray of solution going everywhere and there will be less solution to clean up. I recommend a black tent so you can’t see any excess spray on the tent preferable with clear material at the top so you have as much lighting as possible when tanning a client. Tents now come with removable tops to allow for exhaust fans above the tent to remove excess spray. Most spray tanning tents come with a carry bag so you can easily fold them down and store them in a carry bag. It takes a couple of practises to work out how to put the tent down but once you get do it once it is very easy. 

3. Solution: The spray tanning solutions have come along way since the days when tanning would turn your skin orange. The solutions have advanced as there is more information and education about spray tanning. The most important factor you need to understand is what level of tanning solution will suit your client and their skin type. All skin types are different so it is important to have 3 different solutions. You should have a solution with a low percentage of DHA to cater for fair skins and a solution with a high percentage to cater for olive skins and one in between for a natural looking tan. Make sure you check what other ingredients are in the solution and be aware of any allergies your client may have. It’s a good idea to buy 1 litre of one type of solution at a time. If you buy anymore you are risking the chance of the colour going off. Buying 1 Litre guarantees the colour will last. It’s a good idea to keep the solution in the fridge as the colour can change if it is not kept in cool temperature. Once you have mastered the spray tanning technique you should get 20-25 spray tans out of 1 litre. When you are first learning you will probably spray 10-15 people with 1 Litre of solution. As you could spray your client with too much solution, you may have the machine on a high setting and you many have a lot of overspray and wastage. The more practice you have the less wastage you will have. Its all about practice, practice, practice!

4. Spray Tanning Products: When conducting your research you should consider a company that also offers pre and post tanning products as the most profit comes from the sales of tanning products. It is so important to shop around and find a number of different spray tanning companies, consider their prices, what type of products they have, do they offer more than one solution for different skin types, do they have the new 2 hour tan? This is a very competitive market and they will be willing to do just about anything for your business. You should be expecting, depending on the size of your orders, to receive at least a 30% discount on all tanning products.

5. Towels: You will need to have a number of towels for your business preferable black or brown to reduce the chance of seeing excess spray. You can place towels at the bottom of the tent and place a towel at the opening of the tent just in case you spill any solution as you are tanning.

6. Disposable gstrings/bras: These will come in handy for your client as the spray tan will go onto underwear it is important to offer disposables so your client can prevent staining their clothes (even though the tan washes straight out of clothes/sheets clients still like to wear disposables).

7. Sticky Feet: These are foam stickers in a foot shape that clients can stick to the bottom of their feet to avoid getting solution on the bottom of their feet. They are usually inexpensive and you can pick them up from the spray tanning company you decide to go with. If you are changing your towels regularly at the bottom of the tent usually you wont need the sticky feet.

You don't have to spend a fortune on spray tanning equipment when you are starting out. There is good quality spray tanning equipment on the market that offers an exceptional spray tan application. Make sure you do your research and look into many different types of spray tanning equipment and chose the right equipment for your business. 

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This article was written by Amy Jane Martin a passionate beauty therapist for over 10 years! Amy is also a qualified makeup artist, spray tanner and PE teacher. Amy loves sharing information through the health and beauty industry.

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