How To Deter Pigeons From a Bird Feeder

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How To Deter Pigeons From a Bird Feeder

garden. Unfortunately, leaving food out for birds always runs the risk that unwelcome guests, such as pigeons, will find their way to the feeder as well. Pigeons are pest birds known to carry diseases. Thus, it is important for people to deter pigeons to protect the health of their family members. The good news is that it is possible to deter pigeons from a bird feeder. A homeowner just needs the right setup to achieve this goal.


Create a Friendly Environment For Small Birds

Small birds are usually the intended target when a bird feeder is put out. Pigeons are large birds, so the best way to keep these pests out is by making the bird feeder accessible only to smaller birds. Make sure that the seeds are covered and placed in small holes that only small beaks can fit through. Mesh feeders can be used for this purpose.


Scare Pigeons Away

Another method of keeping pigeons away from the feeder is by attracting owls or hawks to the area. These birds are the natural predators of pigeons, and pigeons are unlikely to frequent a bird feeder if predators are around. Unfortunately, the process of attracting owls and hawks is difficult. These birds eat small animals like mice, so offering seeds will not entice them to visit the feeder. A better way to scare away pigeons without having to attract live birds to the area is by purchasing lawn ornaments that look like real predators. Pigeons will be wary of visiting a yard if they believe that they may be hurt by a hawk or owl.

Mirrors can also be used to scare away pigeons. The birds will be startled when they see their own reflection. A hose can also be used to spray the pests. This is a labour-intensive method of keeping pigeons away from a bird feeder, but the birds eventually get the idea that it is best to stay away from the feeder.


Use Noise as a Deterrent

Electronic devices that are designed to mimic the sound of pigeons in distress are available. These devices can be set off when pigeons visit a feeder to make them believe that birds are warning against coming to the area. The problem with this method is that it can be very noisy, and homeowners have to be proactive about activating the device when pigeons are present. Using an electronic device to deter pigeons is a good short-term fix to use while other methods of keeping these birds away can be successfully implemented.


Spice It Up

Pigeons are not fond of spices, so sprinkling some of the spiciest seasonings around a bird feeder can drive these feathered pests away. The most effect deterrents include cayenne pepper, cinnamon and black pepper. Be vigilant about reapplying a layer of spices after rain to keep pigeons at bay in the long term.


Avoid Encouraging Pigeons

Pigeons are skilled at finding their way into rubbish to eat any small crumbs of food that they can find. Trash should be tightly concealed to discourage pigeons. Double-bagging may be necessary. If neighbours or local business owners feed pigeons near a property, be sure to explain the risks of these pests.


Finding Supplies and Bird Feeders on eBay

All of the supplies that are needed to deter pigeons from a bird feeder are available from sellers on eBay. For example, garden owls that can be used to scare pigeons away can be found under the “Home & Garden” category. Narrow this selection down further by selecting the “Gardening” category. The search phrase "garden owl" can then be used to return targeted results.

Bird feeders that keep pigeons out while allowing smaller birds to feed can also be found on eBay. Start by selecting the “Home & Garden” link located under the search bar on the eBay home page. Bird feeders can be found under “Pet Supplies” in this category, but buyers should be sure to specify that they are looking for an outdoor bird feeder when conducting their search for better results. Types of bird feeders, including mesh and hummingbird feeders, can be found by adding these identifiers to the search phrase.



Using one or more of the methods outlined above can keep a bird feeder from being overrun by pigeons. Deterring pigeons from a bird feeder allows property owners to enjoy colourful, feathered visitors without having to worry about the risks posed by pigeons.

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