How To Install A Pressure Pump

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Have you just purchased a pressure water pump and you need to install it? 

In our short video, Tim will show you how easy the installation of the high pressure water pump is. 

Installation steps of high pressure pumps

  1. Use the tread tape and go around the tread about 14 times just to make sure that it won’t leak at all.
  2. Apply small amount of glue all over the top of the tread. Do not put too much glue, just enough so it seals well the whole way around.
  3. Insert the tread into front of the pressure pump and screw it in.
  4. Insert small amount of the glue at the top of the tail of the tread for better sealing with the pipe. Attach a hose to the inlet section of the pump. Insert the hose into your water tank.
  5. Now lets install outlet section of the pump.
  6. Apply small amount of the glue on the top tread of the pump. Screw it all the way down.
  7. Loosen the top bit of the tread.
  8. Measure the right size of the pipe for your needs.
  9. Push the pipe down into the outlet tread.

10. Insert your fittings and tap and you are ready to go.

Happy Pumping.

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