How do I open a second ebay account?

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Alot of people wonder if this is possible and not a breach of ebay policy. Well it definitely is possible and perfectly legal. Ebay allows it as long as a few conditions are met:

Reasons why people may want more than one ebay accounts are:

  • If you sell in very different areas, you might like to keep them seperate. For example, if you sell children’s toys and power tools for example, you propably might want to specialise in one item in each store. Its a good idea to have a user id to reflect what you sell and perhaps build some store branding for yourself.
  • If you sell, you should have another account that you use for buying. This way both are kept separate and you have more chances to maintain 100% feedback in one account either for selling or buying.

One must be cautious to ensure they follow ALL ebay rules when opening multiple accounts.

This is SHILL BIDDING and is against the Law and makes it an unfair buying place. Im sure you wont like to be a victim of shill bidding, just ruins the fun of finding bargains!

You will also need a unique email address for each user id. This isnt too hard. You can easily register a new domain and have it forwarded to your hotmail or gmail account.

You can use the same bank account and/or credit card details on as many ebay accounts as you like, easily re using the financial information from the original ebay account.

It is very simple to do and all ebay policies must be adhered to.

Remember, all your accounts are tied together, if you get suspended in one account, ALL your accounts will be suspended.

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