How to Buy Affordable Bike Fairings

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How to Buy Affordable Bike Fairings

Bike fairings look great, but they serve a purpose too. Fairings serve as protective shells covering motorcycles to reduce air and make bikes more dynamic. This reduces gas consumption and creates more powerful engines.

A bike fairing is stylish and adds a unique look to any bike. Being made of various materials causes bike fairing prices to fluctuate. Fairings vary from the full-body fairing to the half fairing, which only covers a portion of the bike. Find an affordable fairing on eBay or from a bike shop, and base the buying decision on type of fairing, whether it comes from a kit, or by the style and colour.

Purchase a Bike Fairing Set or Kit

For budget-friendly consumers, the best way to get affordable bike fairings is to purchase a complete set or kit. Sets come with all the pieces needed to create a stylish bike, including a windshield, side panels, body panels, seat fairing, a license plate bracket, tank protector, mirror panels, and back tail panels. Some kits include an additional windscreen. Kits may or may not include tools needed to install the fairings, which generally require a screwdriver, wrench, and mounting bolts.

Purchasing a fairing kit is more affordable than buying a fairing piece by piece from different sellers. A fairing set includes everything needed with no additional fairing pieces to purchase for many types of bikes, including Ducati and Suzuki , making it the most convenient and time-saving option as well as affordable.

Buy a Used or Aftermarket Bike Fairing

Since bike fairings cost more than many consumers can afford, it is wise to check into used or aftermarket fairings for the best deals. Used fairings in great condition with no noticeable scratches or damage are a great option for bikers on a tight budget. Another affordable option is purchasing aftermarket fairings. Aftermarket means that the fairings do not directly come from the bike manufacturers.

However, this does not mean that the fairings are lesser quality. Aftermarket parts frequently stand up to Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) parts and sometimes surpass the quality of original parts. Purchasing aftermarket fairings is cost effective and offers the same quality, and buyers find there are generally more options when it comes to design, colour, material, and make of bike, making it easier to find the fairings desired for the bikes.

Select a Lightweight, Plastic Bike Fairing

Though created from several materials, bike fairings range from quite inexpensive to extremely costly. To avoid a high price tag, stick with a basic ABS plastic fairing and avoid the more costly carbon fibre and fibreglass bike fairing. ABS plastic is the most common fairing material, and it is lightweight, durable, and flexible. The strong plastic is cost effective for buyers on a budget, and the fairings are strong and hard.

Opt for a plastic fairing for a better deal unless it is for a racing bike, which requires the use of a fibreglass fairing for the most aerodynamic racing performance. Carbon fibre fairings fit onto racing bikes as well, and sport bikers frequently use either carbon fibre or fibreglass bike fairings, which mix heavy fibreglass with other materials such as Kevlar to increase durability. For everyday racers, choosing ABS plastic fairings is the best and least expensive choice.

Stick with a Basic Style and Colour

Buyers tempted to purchase sophisticated fairings with a glossy sheen, cool designs, or bold colours pay more than buyers opting for more basic bike fairings. The more intricate the designs are, the higher the cost is, so for buyers on a budget, purchasing plain fairings is the best way to go.

Alternately, purchase a paintable fairing to customise the fairing at home without spending the additional money on a pre-painted fairing. Customising fairings is fun and cost effective, and white paintable fairings are easy to paint and quite affordable. Other solid colours are available for less, including black, red, and green.

Deciphering Bike Fairing Styles

Fairings range from full-body models to a simple portion of plastic covering the windscreen. Pick the right motorbike fairing by determining which style suits the existing motorbike, as well as the affordability. Some fairings make racing easier, and some are better suited to street riding.

Full Fairing

Half Fairing

Dolphin Fairing

Quarter Fairing

Batwing Fairing

Covers entire bike

Protects and covers the engine

Protects rider from wind

Creates streamlined design for bike

Composed of windscreen, handlebar covers, and upper bike portion

Less costly than a full fairing

Does not protect engine

Extendable to full fairing with additional conversion kit

Profile resembles a dolphin fin

Offers wheel mudguards

Used frequently on cruisers

Common for racing

A single piece mounted over bike

Covers windscreen

Includes space for front headlights

Very minimal coverage

Sometimes referred to as "bikini fairing" due to the shape

Shaped like a bat's wings

Does not include windscreen coverage

Frequently seen on police bikes

Extremely aerodynamic, but does not offer much coverage

The style of the fairing dictates how the bike looks. Different fairings offer various levels of protection and coverage. A full fairing set protects a rider's motorbike in the event of a crash, and covers the engine and chassis. Half fairings and quarter fairings are stylish, but do not offer much protection from the wind aside from the included windscreens.

How to Buy an Affordable Bike Fairing on eBay

Reduce gas costs when you purchase a bike fairing. Stylish and protective, fairings cost a lot when purchased in retail stores, but are available on eBay where buyers get great deals. Key in "bike fairings" or "fairings", and then choose your price range to stick to your budget. If you buy used parts, consult with the seller by clicking " Ask a Question" to find out more about the condition.

Created for use on racing motorcycles, bike fairings soon evolved into parts for everyday street bikes once their benefits were realised. A fairing not only keeps your bike from swaying, it looks stylish and comes in many colours, allowing you to customise your bike. A bike fairing increases your speed, reduces wind damage and hazards, and improves the way your bike handles the road.

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