How to Buy Headphones with a Built-in Microphone

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How to Buy Headphones with a Built-in Microphone

Owning a pair of headphones with a built-in microphone can be beneficial in a number of ways. The hands-free properties of these microphones allow users to play video games or perform work-related tasks while talking to others who are in remote locations. Depending on the quality of the microphone, buyers can opt to use microphone headsets for professional recording purposes. Buyers can also appreciate operating microphone-enabled headphones while teleconferencing through the Internet or chatting with others on a mobile phone.

Headphones with built-in microphones can be purchased at local shops that carry electronics or online at retailers like eBay. Before shopping, buyers should research the headphone styles and special features available to ensure that they choose the best headphones for their specific plans.

Headphone Options

To allow buyers to use microphone-enabled headphones in a variety of environments, manufacturers design their devices in a number of styles. Which type of style is more appropriate depends on the habits of buyers when operating their headphones.

Headphone Styles



Contain small earpieces that users place inside their ears

Can be finished with hard surface plastic or soft padding

Best suited for users who have limited space for carrying their headphones

Drawbacks include users feeling discomfort and the inability of the headphones to remain securely within a user's ears


Constructed with ear pads that fit over a user's ears but do not completely cover the ear

Sound leaks can occur because the ear is not encased within the ear pad

High comfort level because they do not cause a user's ears to become too hot while the headphones are worn


Contain ear pads that completely cover a user's ears

Highest level of noise cancellation because sound leaks are minimised by the unique construction of the ear pads

Sound quality and bass response is generally superior when compared with other styles

Comfort can be an issue because a user's ears can become hot after an extended period of time

When choosing headphone styles, buyers must often balance portability with ease of use and increased sound quality. Since some public spaces, such as libraries or buses, have regulations against noise caused by electronics use, buyers must purchase ear bud or full-size headphones to remain in compliance if they plan to operate their headsets in quiet areas. Buyers who need both portability and sound quality can choose to purchase two or more pairs of microphone-enabled headphones so they can choose which pair is most appropriate based on the location where they plan to use their headphones.

Features for Headphones with Built-in Microphones

To increase the functionality of microphone-enabled headphones, manufacturers can add a number of special features to their products. Before shopping for headphones, buyers should evaluate how valuable some features may be depending on their listening and speaking habits.

Foldable Headphones

Foldable headphones are designed to allow users to collapse the shape of a pair of headphones. This increases a buyer's ability to carry headphones in small-sized bags, like purses and pouches. To create foldable headphones, manufacturers outfit their products with a series of hinges along a headphones' top band. These hinges permit users to close the band inward and, in some cases, to fold the band in half. Foldable headphones also contain swivel hinges that can turn the ear pads of the headphones in a number of directions to achieve the smallest shape.

Wireless Headphones

For increased freedom, manufacturers offer buyers wireless headphones that eliminate the need for cords. These headphones often use Bluetooth technology to transmit sound and voice data to a wireless receiver. Wireless capacities allow users to move freely without becoming entangled in a headset's cables and are essential for buyers who plan to enjoy their headphones while exercising or completing everyday chores. Unfortunately, wireless headphones rely on batteries to supply their power, so buyers must charge their headphones frequently. Additionally, wireless headphones can cause interference with other wireless devices when the devices are used at the same time.

Volume Adjusters

Some sets of headphones with built-in microphones are equipped with small volume adjusters that permit users to control sound levels without touching their electronic devices. Generally, volume adjusters are limited to controlling the output levels that modify the sound that a user hears from headphone ear pads, but some sophisticated headphone models also contain microphone volume adjustment controls. Volume adjusters are typically placed on the cord of a pair of headphones, but wireless headphones include volume adjusters on their ear pads.

Mute Buttons

Mute buttons can be handy for users who want to easily turn off the transmission of their voices from their microphones while operating their headphones. A mute button on headphones can be either a small switch or button placed on a volume adjuster panel. By activating the switch or button, users turn off the ability of their headphones to send microphone output signals to a headphones' receiver. If a set of headphones does not contain a mute button, buyers must manually turn off their microphones by changing the sound settings on their electronics devices. This can be cumbersome for users who need to switch their microphones on or off quickly while operating their headphones.

Cord Type

If a pair of headphones are not wireless, they need to be connected to electronic devices through a cord. In general, manufactures can add single-sided cabling or Y-cables to headphones to complete connection capabilities. Single-sided cabling contains a wire that leads from one of the ear pads of the headphones to an electronic device and is typically found on some models of on-ear or full-size headphones. On the other hand, Y-cable headphones are outfitted with a single cable that splits and attaches to both ear pads of a pair of headphones. Y-cables are used exclusively for earbud headphones but can also be found on other types of headphone models.

Buying Headphones with Built-in Microphones on eBay

eBay provides buyers with an array of options when searching for headphones with microphone capabilities. On eBay, buyers can browse headphone models from well-known manufacturers, like Sennheiser, Skullcandy, or Philips. Buyers who are looking for a bargain can also visit eBay Deals' Audio Electronics selection for discounted headphone models. Before purchasing a pair of microphone-enabled headphones, buyers should read a headphone model's specifications, which are included in its eBay product description. These specifications should include a headphones' cable length and list of special features, as well as the condition of a pair of headphones. Buyers should also check if any supplemental items, such as carrying cases or replacement ear pads, are included in a sale to ensure that they purchase the most useful headphone models for their needs.


Headphones with built-in microphones are valuable accessories for many buyers who use a variety of electronic devices. Before purchasing headphones, buyers must determine the levels of portability and sound quality that they need to operate them easily. Headphones are manufactured in three distinct styles that are useful in different situations, so buyers should determine which style is best for them before shopping. Additionally, manufacturers offer buyers special headphone features that can impact how a pair of headphones can be used. Wireless capabilities free buyers from the constraints associated with headphone cords, while volume adjusters and mute buttons allow buyers to control their headphones quickly. Once buyers determine what they require for headphones, they can shop for models on eBay, which carries a wide selection of purchasing options from famous manufacturers.

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