How to Change a Casio Watch Battery

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How to Change a Casio Watch Battery

Casio manufactures popular watches, with familiar brand names that include Casio watch is an easy task that the owner can perform at home. All that is required is the right set of tools, a replacement battery, and reliable guidelines to follow.


Tools for Changing a Casio Watch Battery

In order to change a Casio watch battery, owners require a jeweller's screwdriver set or any effective screwdriver that can open the back of the watch. They should also have a clean cloth, tweezers, and a small box for holding the screws. Finally, owners should purchase a replacement battery.


Identifying the Right Casio Watch Battery

Casio watches use a range of batteries that depend on the model. Owners can identify the right product by checking the battery code. Casio prints this on the back of the watch for some models. If the battery code is not available on the body of the timepiece, then follow the steps for opening the watch, and look at the existing battery. The code always starts with a prefix that identifies the type of cell.
Four numbers follow the prefix: the first two numbers identify the specific diameter or range and the remaining two numbers identify the battery's thickness. For example, a battery with the code CR2033 identifies a lithium battery that has a 20 mm diameter and is 3.3 mm thick.


Changing a Casio Watch Battery

Before removing the backplate, owners may need to remove the watch strap. This makes it easier to handle the watch when changing the battery.

Open the Casio Watch Case

In general, there are three types of watch case based on their opening mechanisms: snap-off, screw-off, and screw-down. To open Casio watches with a snap-off case, gently insert a flat metal object under one of the edges and then twist so that the case lifts open. To open Casio watches with a screw-off case, use dry hands or a cloth to grip the watch and turn it to unscrew the back. If the watch is secured with screws, then use a jeweller's screwdriver to undo the back of the timepiece.

Remove the Old Casio Battery

The battery looks like a small metal button. Most Casio watches have one battery, but some models, such as those in the PRO Trek range, have more than one. To remove the battery, carefully pop open the clasp across the cell or loosen the small screw that is holding the latch. It is important that owners avoid removing the screw completely because it is difficult to return it to its correct position. Remove the old battery using a pair of tweezers.

Insert the New Casio Battery

Insert the new battery and check that the correct side is facing up. Ensure that the battery has the same orientation as the old version.

Close the Casio Watch Case

Turn the watch over carefully to check the dial to ensure that it is working. If the watch is not working, remove and reinsert the battery. Many Casio watches have a rubber seal that makes the timepiece water-resistant, so ensure that this is positioned correctly. Close the case and check the watch again to make sure that it is still working. Reset the time and any other functions, such as the date.


How to Buy a Casio Watch Battery on eBay

On eBay, there are numerous sellers that offer a wide selection of watch batteries. Before you begin with your purchase, check the type of replacement battery your watch requires. You can search for the correct product by using the tool that comes with each page; simply type in the battery code. Browse the list of results and read the item information to compare prices and delivery options. In addition to watch batteries, you can also look for new and used Casio watches.

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