How to Change the Battery in Samsung Galaxy Tab

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How to Change the Battery in Samsung Galaxy Tab

In a technology-driven world, people like to multitask while they go about their daily lives. Yet, they must squint to view websites on tiny smartphone screens and find laptops cumbersome to use on the go. The Samsung Galaxy Tab is a great compromise between a smartphone and laptop computer until the battery fails. Fortunately, changing the battery in a Samsung Galaxy Tab is simple for those who have the right tools and know how to remove and replace the battery.


Gather Supplies

To change the battery in a Samsung Galaxy Tab, gather a Phillips #00 screwdriver, a plastic pry tool, and a safety pin. You also need to have the replacement battery on hand before opening the device.


Opening the Device

In order to reach the battery, first open the device. The Samsung Galaxy Tab has two small screws at the bottom near the charging input. Use a safety pin to remove the plastic tabs covering the screws and remove them with the Phillips #00 screwdriver.


Open the device with a plastic prying tool. Then, insert the tool in the seam that holds the two pieces of the device together and use gentle pressure to separate them. Be sure to watch as the gap in the seam slowly widens, ensuring you do not rush this step. When there is enough space in the seam, remove the screen and turn it face down.

Disconnect the Battery

To remove the battery from a Galaxy Tab 7, remove the screw that holds the battery in place. However, on a Galaxy Tab 10, you must first disconnect the ribbon cables covering the battery before removing the screws holding the battery in place. At this point, use the plastic pry tool to disconnect the battery from its socket.


Replace the Battery

The new battery slides easily into place. Reconnect all the cables and replace the screws to secure the battery. The screen and back covers pop together with gentle pressure. Finish the task by reinserting the screws on the bottom of the device.

Check the Battery

After installing the new battery and reassembling the tablet, make sure everything works properly. To do this, simply charge the battery fully and turn on the device. If the device does not power on or does not hold a charge, identify the cause of the problem and implement the solutions.




Battery does not hold a charge

Charge battery more frequently

Check USB charging cable

Update battery monitoring firmware

Device does not turn on

Charge battery

Check battery cable connections


When troubleshooting battery problems, try the simplest solution first. This means ensuring the USB charging cable works before opening the device to check the interior battery connections.


Helpful Tips

The screws in the Galaxy Tab are tiny. While changing the battery, keep them safe in a small bowl or plastic bag.
When prying open the device, exercise caution near the top left corner of the device. The microphone ribbon cable rests here, and this piece tears easily.
Anxious owners who do not trust their abilities to remember how to reassemble the tablet benefit from taking pictures of each step. This step makes it easy to refer to the pictures to ensure everything goes back in its place.


How to Buy a Samsung Galaxy Tab Battery on eBay

eBay is a great source for locating Samsung tablets and accessories. When you need to find a new battery for your device, type the phrase 'Samsung Galaxy Tab battery' in the search box and review the results. As you read the item descriptions, look for details like the item's condition and additional items the sellers offer with the battery. Some sellers include the tools you need to change the battery, so you do not need to search for them in other places. Having the tools on hand allows you to bring your Samsung Galaxy back into service right away.

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