How to Choose an Electric Blanket

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How to Choose an Electric Blanket

Using an electric blanket when sleeping is a great way to stay warm and cosy on chilly nights. An electric blanket is very easy to use and often does not cost too much, considering how long it lasts. Consumers who find it impossible to fall asleep in the cold or who suffer from joint pains can choose from a few types of electric blankets to help them sleep. Besides purchasing this blanket from a brick and mortar bedding store, buyers can also choose to shop on eBay. When buying an electric blanket, consumers must choose the right kind of blanket, consider the features on the blanket, and also know how to use it safely.

Knowing the Electric Blanket Benefits

An electric blanket has embedded electrical heating elements to warm it up, and in turn, keeps users warm through the night. An electric blanket can also pre-warm the bed so it is nice and cosy when users go to bed even if the room is cold. While the blanket keeps the bed warm, it does not heat the room, so that the temperature remains comfortable during the night. For couples, an electric blanket allows each individual to adjust the temperature according to preference. Consumers with arthritis and sore muscles can also benefit from this product as its heat can help alleviate some muscular and joint pains. Lastly, an electric blanket consumes less electricity than a conventional home heating panel, and can therefore reduce heating costs.

Choosing an Electric Blanket

Buying a good electric blanket is actually quite a simple process. Some of the things buyers should look at when shopping for their blanket are its type, size, material, and quality. Many of these blankets also have some extra features that can benefit users.

Choosing the Electric Blanket Size

Like its non-electric counterpart, an electric blanket comes in various sizes to fit one's bed and needs. Users who sleep alone can purchase a single size electric blanket. Those who sleep in a double or king sized bed can choose a double size blanket. A big blanket also enables two people to stay warm and comfortable. When choosing the size of their blankets, buyers should carefully consider what they want and need.

Over Blanket or Under Blanket?

There are two main types of electric blankets. Buyers can choose betweenover blankets and under blankets. Users can cover themselves with an over blanket while sleeping, whereas they can place an under blanket over the mattress. An under blanket has a few advantages when compared to an over blanket. The main advantage is that almost all the heat the under blanket generates stays between the mattress and another blanket on top of the person sleeping, making the blanket very energy efficient. An under blanket is also less likely to crumple up during the night, and is less likely to overheat than an over blanket is. However, many users prefer the warmth that an over blanket provides. Both these types of blankets can keep users warm, and the choice depends on their preference.

Buyers can also choose to get a simple electric throw blanket. This blanket is very versatile, as buyers can use it in bed, on the sofa, and anywhere else where they sit or sleep. Such blanket can also help keep the energy bills low as consumers can use the blanket in any room of the house.

Fitted or Non-Fitted Electric Blanket?

When buying an under blanket, consumers can choose between fitted and non-fitted electric blankets. A fitted electric blanket has curves in its design and can match the contours of a mattress, provided the blanket is the right size for the mattress. This kind of blanket does not slide when users toss and turn. Buyers on a budget can choose a non-fitted blanket as it is usually cheaper than a fitted one. However, this blanket can move around the mattress if users move a lot during the night.

Checking the Electric Blanket Features

Many electric blankets have extra features to not only increase the comfort of users, but to also ensure their safety. One feature almost all of these blankets have is the easy care feature. In the following table are some features buyers can consider when buying an electric blanket.



Easy wash and care

wash and tumble dry are possible

Multiple heat settings

suitable for different seasons

Dual heat controller

one heat controller on each side of the blanket

Temperature sensor

prevents the blanket from overheating

Automatic timer switch

heating element switches off after a set time

When buying machine washable blankets, buyers should make sure that the controls are detachable. They should also check that the controls are easy to operate, so the user can easily change the blanket's heat level. By looking out for these features, buyers can find a good electric blanket that is reliable and safe, so it makes a good investment.

How to Buy an Electric Blanket on eBay

eBay has a long list of electric blankets for you to choose from. By using the eBay search feature and looking up keywords like ' queen size electric blanket', you are likely to find the blanket you want. Besides choosing the size, you can also specify its colour, brand, and material. Alternatively, you can use the provided category filters on the product listings page to customise your search. To find items at attractive, low prices, look at the products listed on eBay Deals. Using the right electric blanket when you sleep can do wonders for your comfort and well-being. To choose the right blanket, know your specific needs, and select accordingly.

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