How to Choose the Right Synthetic Grass

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How to Choose the Right Synthetic Grass

A well-maintained lawn improves the appearance and functionality of any home, creating an inviting outdoor space for barbecues and family parties, or simply a place for the children to play. However, weeding, feeding, and cutting real grass takes a lot of effort to get the best results, which is an issue for anyone who is not a keen gardener or who lacks the correct gardening equipment. Synthetic grass is an excellent, low-maintenance alternative, and it is often difficult to tell it is not real.


Uses for synthetic grass

There are many reasons why homeowners choose artificial grass instead of a real lawn. Convenience is a major factor, as synthetic grass does not require weeding or cutting and is therefore suitable for anyone who is not in a position to do his or her own gardening.

Artificial turf is also a good choice for tennis courts and other playing surfaces, and it is useful in areas where soil is diseased, or where it is difficult to grow good quality grass due to overexposure to sunlight and other environmental factors. The reason for installing the grass has an impact on which type of grass is required. For example, a short, low-quality synthetic turf is suitable for a tennis court or play area, but lacks realism.


Purchasing considerations

There are many different factors to consider when purchasing artificial turf. Consumers must determine their requirements and choose the product that is most suitable.

Area to cover

The area to cover determines the quantity of turf required to complete the installation, and therefore the cost of the project. Depending on a person's budget, for a large area, it may be necessary to purchase a less expensive product.


In the early days of synthetic grass, colour choices were limited. However, modern production methods mean it is possible to get turf in many colours and varieties. Consumers should look at the colour of natural grass in the neighbourhood, and then purchase a synthetic product in a matching shade. This helps to ensure the synthetic grass blends in naturally.

Usage and location

The usage often determines the type of grass to buy. For example, a pile of at least 30 mm is a good idea for a lawn, as it creates a soft environment to walk on that is also realistic in appearance. For areas where garden furniture is in use, a denser, coarser type of synthetic grass is a good option, as it is more durable.

Additional purchases

Most artificial grass requires a sand infill, which is integral in creating a realistic look and feel. The amount of sand depends on the type of turf, and is something that consumers should factor into the budget.

Additionally, consumers may wish to use an optional padded underlay. This is useful in areas where the ground is uneven, or where there is a poor sub-base. It is also possible to add additional safety padding for areas where children play.



Synthetic grass is available in a wide range of qualities, ranging from inexpensive but rugged economy options to luxury products that are difficult to distinguish from real grass. While many consumers may instantly shop for the best calibre within their budget, each quality of synthetic turf has its advantages.

Economy quality

Economy quality artificial turf encompasses budget options that are a cost-effective way to cover large areas. They are usually very durable, making them suitable for high-traffic areas, and are particularly good for areas where children play ball games, as the compact grass fibres improve bounce and roll. Due to the rigid surface, most economy products are relatively easy to clean.

Mid-range quality

Mid-range quality products often feature a silicone coating that gives them a softer, more realistic feel. They tend to look real from a distance, making them a good choice for back lawns.

Luxury quality

Top quality artificial turf looks real, even up close, making it suitable for use in prominent locations such as a front lawn. Such turf often has pile heights in excess of 30 mm, making them soft and luxurious underfoot, and a safe surface for playing on with children and pets.


How to buy synthetic grass on eBay

Synthetic grass is one way to keep your outdoor environment neat and tidy with minimal effort. Finding turf and garden supplies on eBay is equally effort-free, thanks to the powerful search function available on every page. To find synthetic turf, run a keyword search, and then use filters to refine the results based on your criteria. Before committing to a purchase, measure the area you are laying, and ensure the product you are buying covers the whole area without too much excess waste.

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