How to Keep Pandora Charms in Place

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How to Keep Pandora Charms in Place

A Pandora charm bracelet allows the wearer to create a stylish bracelet by adding and removing charms and beads. Charms tend to move around on incomplete bracelets or bracelets that are not completely full, but the variety of spacers, silicone rings, and clips available from jewellers and various vendors solves this problem. Choose a charm type that suits a person's style and the type of bracelet, know how to add charms to metal bracelets, and use accessories to keep charms in place on a metal or leather bracelet.


Pandora Charms

Pandora charms come in a wide selection of designs, from elegant sterling silver pieces to whimsical enamel designs. There are many charm options for leather and metal bracelets.


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Although some charms, such as dangle charms, are less practical than others, all charms are suitable for bracelets. Select charms that suit a particular style and the bracelet layout and material. Pandora offers accessories that prevent movement on the bracelet and keep charms from safely on the bracelet.


Adding Charms to a Metal Pandora Bracelet

Pandora charms have holes through the centres that contain thread that matches the bracelets, allowing the wearer to screw the charms onto the bracelets. To add a charm, gently screw it onto the bracelet at the open end. Slide the charm approximately a third of the way along the bracelet before it stops.

To move the charm to the middle of the bracelet, twist it around again. Repeat this process to move the charm to the final third of the bracelet. Pandora recommends that wearers attach fixed jewellery clips to bracelets to distribute the weight of charms over three equal sections.


Avoid cross-threading the charms onto the bracelet. Remove the charm by twisting it backwards. If it sticks, do not attempt to force it. Instead, take the bracelet to a Pandora store to have the charm removed. After adding or removing charms, close the bracelet by placing the open end inside the Pandora clasp, aligning the thread, and pushing the clasp closed.


Keeping Charms in Place on Metal Bracelets

Pandora fixed beads separate bracelets into three sections. These clips fit on two points on the bracelet, approximately a third of the way from each end. They clip over small screw notches and keep charms in their allocated sections of the bracelet. Clips or fixed beads attached to the middle section of the bracelet do not slide because they fit the thread. However, they tend to slide on the first and last sections of the bracelet if it is not full.

Clips are suitable for any part of a Pandora bracelet, and silicone rings or stopper beads keep them in place. Add a silicone O-ring on either side of the charm and attach a clip to hide it. Adding clips to the middle and end threads of a full bracelet prevents the charms from unscrewing.

Safety Chain

To prevent charms from falling off the bracelet, add a safety chain to ensure the bracelet loop always remains intact. Original-style safety chains fit over the threads near the clasp and screw into position like charms, but may not remain in place on incomplete bracelets. Consider adding a spacer or clip between the safety chain and charms to keep the chain in place.

Clip safety chains do not fit the threads near the clasps of bracelets, but wearers can attach them without removing all other charms and beads. These accessories work like traditional Pandora clips.


Keeping Charms in Place on Leather Bracelets

Leather Pandora bracelets lack the threads metal bracelets have and do not feature three distinct sections. This allows charms to move freely. Pandora and other jewellery manufacturers supply small clear or black silicone O-rings that slide over the ends of the bracelet and prevent movement. These are difficult to add and remove because they grip the leather.

Wearers can cover the rings with clips. Alternatively, opt for Pandora stopper beads or black c-shaped rubber inserts for clips. Stopper beads are smaller than regular beads, and rubber inserts fit under charms to increase grip.


How to Buy Pandora Charms and Accessories on eBay

Sellers on sterling silver spacer beads', to ensure that the generated listings are relevant. Filter your results by choosing an appropriate category and the item features you desire. Look for bundled items, such as Pandora charms and fixed beads, to facilitate the buying process. Choose accessories that complement your bracelet to keep your Pandora charms in place.

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