How to Measure for a Shade Sail

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How to Measure for a Shade Sail

According to the Australian Department of Health, Australia has one of the highest rates of skin cancer in the world. In 2009, 11,545 Australians received a melanoma diagnosis. Shade sails are one way to prevent melanoma and other forms of skin cancer, as they block UV rays. This allows people to sit outside without increasing their risk of skin cancer. Homeowners must properly measure for their shade sails in order to enjoy all of the benefits. The measurement process starts with choosing attachment points for the shade sail.


Choose Attachment Points

According to Sail Shade World, a leading manufacturer of custom made sail shades, consumers must determine attachment points before measuring for a shade sail. Consumers must consider the angle and the structure when choosing attachment points.


Shade sails work best when the attachment points are at different heights. Then, installers twist the sail to fit the attachments. This makes it easier to set the tension properly. Set opposite high and low points in a diagonal direction.
The attachment points do not represent the size of the sale. Tension gaps of approximately 300 mm sit between the attachment point and the sail. Make sure to consider this when choosing the position of the attachment points.

Placing the Attachments

Homeowners have two options for placing attachments. Some people choose to place them on existing structures. Consult an engineer before putting attachments on existing structures, and let the engineer examine the structure to make sure it can withstand the load.
Those who do not want to attach the sail to an existing structure have the option of putting posts into the ground. Galvanised steel and aluminium posts are good options. Measure the post footing and submerge a third of it underground when choosing this option.


Diagram the Shade Sail

Shade sails can have three, four, five, or six sides. Sketch a diagram of the shade sail before measuring it. Add letters to the diagram to help with the measuring process. Go in a clockwise direction when adding letters to the diagram, starting on the upper left hand corner.

Three-Sided Shade Sail

A three-sided shade sale looks like a triangle. Draw a triangle and label the corners 'A', 'B', and 'C'. The points between 'A' and 'C' should be the longest part of the triangle.

Four-Sided Shade Sail

A four-sided shade sail looks like a square. Draw a square and label the corners 'A', 'B', 'C', and 'D'. Draw a diagonal line from 'A' to 'C' on the diagram of the square shade sail.

Five-Sided Shade Sail

The five-sided sail looks like a trapezoid. Sketch it with the longer side on top and the shorter side on bottom. Put an 'A' in the left hand corner and a 'C' in the right and corner. Place a 'B' in between the 'A' and 'C'. Then, put 'D' in the next corner and 'E' in the final corner. Draw lines from 'B' to 'E' and 'B' to 'D'.

Six-Sided Shade Sail

The six-sided shade sale looks like a rectangle. Place an 'A' in the upper left hand corner and a 'C' in the upper right hand corner of the drawing of the rectangular shade sail. Put a 'B' in between the 'A' and 'C'. Put a 'D' in the lower right hand corner and an 'F' in the lower left hand corner. Put an 'E' in between the 'F' and 'D'. Draw a line form the 'B' to the 'F', then draw a line from the 'B' to the E' and the 'B' to the 'D'.


Take the Measurements

After drawing the diagram, homeowners need to take measurements. The measurements they take depend on the number of sides the shade sail has, growing more complicated as the number increases. For example, when measuring three sides the consumer needs to take three measurements of 'A' to 'B', 'B' to 'C', and 'C' to 'A'. Use a measuring tape to determine the measurements in millimetres. After completing the measurements, order a shade sail with the proper dimensions.


How to Buy a Shade Sail on eBay

Use the search feature on eBay to find shade sails from various reliable sellers. Simply use keywords related to the type of shade sail you want to order. For instance, type 'triangle shade sail' into the search bar located on each page of eBay. Then, look through the results to find one that fits your dimensions. Choose one of the convenient shipping options to have it delivered directly to your home. Then, affix the shade sail to the attachments you set up before measuring for your shade sail.

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