How to Paint a Picture Frame Antique Gold

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How to Paint a Picture Frame Antique Gold

Shiny gold picture frames were trendy during the '90s, but now they can stand out as old-fashioned and make a room look outdated. A home redesign project can be rather expensive, but there are simple solutions to make a house look modern without spending a fortune. One easy way of creating some statement interior decoration pieces is to paint all picture frames antique gold. Luckily, this project only requires some paint, brushes and a few hours of work.


Gathering Materials and Supplies

The materials a person needs to paint a wooden picture frame and provide it with an antique look are two or three sponge brushes, depending on the size of the frame, rollers, and acrylic paint. Before starting the project, make sure that paper towels are handy. Many recommend water-based paints over oil-based ones because they dry much more quickly, whereas oil-based paints tend to dry over the course of days rather than minutes.

Pros and Cons of Oil-based Paint

Although oil-based paints have many disadvantages like containing some toxic pigments, difficulty with the wet-in-wet painting technique, difficulty readjusting when dry, and difficulty refurbishing, there are many advantages. Advantages include a low level of volatile organic compounds, a quick drying time, ease when cleaning, and stable colour over time. 


Preparing and Painting the Frame

The first step, before applying the base coat refers to sanding the frame using some fine grit sandpaper. It is possible to skip this preliminary step if the surface of the frame is smooth enough. Afterwards, the person can apply a layer of acrylic paint. Make sure to paint in one direction, with even strokes. Otherwise, there might be some unsightly traces on the frame.

Applying Gold Paint on the Base Coat

Once the first layer of paint is dry, apply a second one using gold paint this time. The black layer underneath it has the role of changing the shade of the gold, making it look less flat and preventing the colour of the grain underneath the paint from coming through.

Applying Stain over Gold Paint

Once the second layer of paint is dry, apply a thick layer the antique stain using a brush. Next, using a paper towel, start creating an antique looking finish by dabbing the towel on. This pulls off some of the stain, allowing the gold to shine through it.


Painting a Shiny Picture Frame

If the goal is to get rid of the shiny look of a metallic picture frame, use spray paint. Using brushes can have an unsightly result on metallic surfaces; especially if this is the first time the person tries his hands at painting. The trick to obtaining an antique look is to spray the paint from a close distance (5 to 7 centimetres).
Start by applying a thin layer of black paint. Once that layer is dry, spray the gold paint and then another thin layer of black paint. The recently painted frame needs to dry for a few hours before mounting the picture on it. Details are easy to add to the frame, which the painter can achieve by rubbing the surface of the frame with soft pastel.


How to Buy Painting Supplies on eBay

You can find a wide range of brushes, paints, rollers and other painting supplies on eBay by using the search bar or the categories menu. Navigate to Home & Garden, then to Building Materials, DIY. On the left-side menu, you will find a list of sub-categories. For instance, if you want to buy a brush, you should choose Painting Supplies and then, Brushes. You have the option of refining the results according to the price range or to the material from which the brush is constructed.

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