How to Repair UGG Boots

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How to Repair UGG Boots

UGG boots are a very common wardrobe staple in Australia as well as abroad. These boots, which are usually made of suede with a sheepskin lining, are comfortable, warm, and durable. Still, with frequent wear, damage can occur to even the most durable pair of UGG boots. Luckily, making small UGG boot repairs can be fairly simple and very budget-friendly, whether the damage is due to weather, accidents, or just normal wear and tear. With just a few shoe repair supplies and a little bit of ingenuity, it is possible to repair many different types of UGG boot damage without having to replace the boots.

Reshape Sagging UGG Boots

One of the most common problems with UGG boots is the tendency they have to sag. This is usually due to improper storage or moisture damage. Sagging UGG boots can slide down the leg and be uncomfortable and unattractive. To return UGG boots back to their original shape, clean them with a damp cloth. Be sure the cloth is not too wet since excessive moisture can damage UGG boots. While the boots are damp, stuff them full of newspaper and put them in a cool, dry place and do not wear them again until they are completely dry. The boots should regain their original stiffness. It is helpful to store UGG boots with newspaper in them to avoid sag in the future.

Repair UGG Boot Rips and Tears

There are many reasons why a pair of UGG boots may rip or tear. Often, the suede leather may pull away from the sole after prolonged wear, particularly in wet weather. Further, if UGG boots are too small, pressure from the toes can eventually cause a rip in the leather.

Repair small tears using a curved upholstery needle and heavy-duty thread. Because leather is quite thick, it can be difficult to pull even this specialty needle through, in which case, it may be necessary to use a pair of pliers for assistance.

Patch UGG Boots

If a pair of UGG boots gets a large hole, patching the boots is still possible. For best results, use leather or a fabric intended for outdoor use, such as canvas. Cut a pattern, using any type of paper, for the piece of the shoe that needs patching by placing the paper against the shoe and tracing the correct shape. Cut the fabric in the same shape as the pattern. Use a needle and thread to attach the patch. If this proves too labourious, it is also possible to simply glue the patch over the hole in the UGG boots. This repair may not last as long but is much easier to accomplish using shoe glue or even super glue as an adhesive.

Clean UGG Stains

Because the suede used for UGG boots is somewhat delicate, weather and mistreatment may lead to damage and stains. In order to clean dirt from UGG boots, allow any mud to dry and use a stiff suede brush to remove the dirt. Follow this process with a specialty leather cleaner. Apply the cleaner to the entire boot, following package directions. Allow the boots to dry before wearing.

Deodourise UGG Boots

The natural sheepskin lining means that socks are not necessary with UGG boots. However, this can lead to odour problems over time. In order to deodourise UGG boots, clean the outside of the boots thoroughly, then add a teaspoon of baking powder to the inside of the boots. The baking powder absorbs odours without damaging the boots.

Repair Water Damage

UGG boots are warm in winter but, without proper care, winter conditions can lead to damage. When water spots appear on UGG boots, treat them as soon as possible. Rubbing the water spot with another part of the suede can greatly reduce the appearance of the spot. A professional cleaning can also treat water spots for a price and it is worth considering for extensive damage.

Protect Boots From Future Damage

Anyone who plans to wear UGG boots outdoors should be sure to protect the delicate suede from wet weather since moisture can permanently stain the boots. Use a suede protector on the boots before wearing them outside. Follow all package instructions and be sure that the boots are completely dry before wearing them. One treatment is not enough to protect UGG boots forever. Apply the UGG boot protector after any experience in wet conditions, or else at least once per month for best results.

How to Buy UGG Boots on eBay

The fact is that after many years, even the best cared for UGG boots may need replacement. You can finddeals on boots of any type, including UGG boots oneBay using some easy search tactics. Choose relevant search terms, such as "UGG Australia" or " women's suede boots", then use the eBay filter to narrow results by size, colour, and other factors.

UGG boots are a comfortable choice for cold weather, but they also keep feet cool in the summer months. When you have the skills and knowledge to repair damaged UGG boots, this cosy footwear can last for years.

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