How to Repair a Dyson Vacuum Hose

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How to Repair a Dyson Vacuum Hose

Dyson vacuums are top quality appliances known for cleaning dirt from multiple surfaces and applying powerful suction. However, the Dyson vacuum hose can tear or clog over time. Rather than buying a whole new vacuum, it is possible to fix these problems with the vacuum hose. Extra time and a little super glue go a long way toward restoring a Dyson vacuum to its original condition. Some vacuum hoses have too much wear to fix and must be replaced. If necessary, consumers can find replacement Dyson vacuum hoses through the manufacturer's website, retail stores, appliance stores, and websites like eBay.

Cut the Hose Down

If the Dyson vacuum hose has a tear near either end, it is fixable. A few tools and supplies are necessary to make this repair: super glue, a utility knife, pliers, wire cutters, and a flat head screwdriver. Start by removing the vacuum hose from the vacuum. Dysons usually have a release button near the U-bend of the hose. Another release button is also near the base of the vacuum wand. This separates the hose from the vacuum. Plastic cuffs are still attached to each end of the hose.

Remove and save the plastic cuffs from the end of the hose with a tear in it. The outer plastic cuff may have one or two buttons to press to remove it. Underneath, the plastic hose attaches to a small plastic ring to hold the end of the hose open.

Carefully, examine how the hose is attached to this ring. The hose needs to be recut to fit this ring later. These parts were not designed to be separated, so removal requires use of the wire cutters to snip the ring free. Clean any bits and pieces from the plastic ring that tore from the hose using the utility knife.

Find the tear in the plastic hose. Use the utility knife and wire snips to cut the hose just behind this tear resulting in a slightly shorter tear free hose. Snip the end of the hose so that it fits snugly into place on the plastic ring. Wipe down the inside of the hose end to remove dirt. Apply a few dots of super glue to the plastic ring and slide the hose end in place. Press together until the glue holds. Allow the ring to dry for several hours.

Connect the vacuum hose to the outer plastic cuff. Attach this to the vacuum and the vacuum wand. Turn on the Dyson vacuum and test the newly fixed hose.

Remove Blockages

If the Dyson vacuum has lost suction because of a blockage, removal is the answer. First, separate the hose from the Dyson vacuum and the vacuum wand. If the hose has a plastic U-bend attached, this is where blockages tend to build up. Check the U-bend for clogs. Also, check the connection on the vacuum to see if any clogs are caught in the entry. Pull these out to clear the hose and connection. If the blockage is too deep to reach, use a bent wire coat hanger to snag and pull out the clog. When clear, reattach the hose to the vacuum and vacuum wand.

Replace the Hose

When the Dyson vacuum hose gets worn out beyond repair, it needs to be replaced. Spare vacuum hoses are available for most of the Dyson models. All consumers need to find the correct replacement is the model information.

Model Name

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Dyson comes out with new models on a regular basis, which may also include a vacuum hose. Older models of Dyson vacuums not listed may also use a vacuum hose. Owners can order replacements for these hoses when the original wears out.

How to Buy Dyson Vacuum Hoses on eBay

You can purchase a Dyson vacuum hose through eBay sellers. Replacement hoses are available by Dyson vacuum model. Some hoses are a necessary part of the vacuum, such as with an upright Dyson vacuum, and others are extension hoses for accessories. When shopping for a vacuum hose, make sure that you have the correct model number. This ensures that you get the proper part. If you want to try fixing the vacuum hose, tools and glue for the project are easy to find on eBay too. The eBay search engine, available from any page on the site, helps find these products more quickly. Whether you make repairs to the vacuum hose or replace it all together, you can find what you need and save money when you shop on eBay.

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