How to Repair a Head Gasket

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How to Repair a Head Gasket

Located on the top part of an internal combustionengine's cylinder, ahead gasket contains engine compression and separates the liquids in the engine from one another. The head gasket is an essential part of the engine and, while it should theoretically last for the life of the engine, sometimes it breaks. This can happen for a variety of reasons and car owners should act fast when it comes to repairing a head gasket. The bad news is that repairing a head gasket can be quite expensive, with the costs sometimes being higher than the value of the piece itself. However, with a bit of research and the right tools, car owners can repair the head gasket themselves.

Learn the Causes of Head Gasket Failure

As multiple causes may lead to a faulty head gasket, car owners should first diagnose the problem. More often than not, car owners can do so without the help of an expert. For example, a slight overheating may mean that the head gasket is going to fail soon. This is also true in case one notices a small amount of white smoke getting out from the exhaust.

If the head gasket is already broken, the engine would not run at all. Very often, the head gasket blows when the car is running. In this case, users should make sure they stop the engine as soon as they realise the gasket head is failing. This reduces the chances of further engine damage due to high temperatures.



White smoke from the exhaust pipe

Coolant gets into the cylinders

Coolant building up in the crankcase

Almost sure sign the gasket has failed


Coolant disappears from the cooling system and radiator

Coolant leaks to the ground

Car running rough

Power failure caused by a blown head gasket

Engines misses and sputters

Leaking fluid

Coolant flowing from the engine

Car owners should not wait for a head gasket to fail completely before taking action. In most cases, several symptoms announce a potential problem with the head gasket. An occasional overheating of the engine and a slight rumbling sensation when the vehicle is idling are two common signs the head gasket may need attention.

Tips for Fixing a Blown Head Gasket

It is often very difficult to fix a blown head gasket, so replacement is the best course of action in most cases. A blown head gasket may cause irreparable damage to the engine. If this is the case, one needs to consider installing a complete engine. However, if the engine is still in good condition, replacing the head gasket should do the trick.

To replace the head gasket, the car owner needs to consult the instructions for his or her type of car in order to avoid causing any further damage to the engine. Buying a new head gasket or a head gasket kit is easy; all the car owner needs to know is the model and year of the car. For example, a Ford owner should look for aFord head gasket, a Chevrolet one for a Chevrolet head gasket, and so on.

How to Install a New Head Gasket

To install the new head gasket, the car owner needs to dismantle the engine. Prior to doing this, the car owners should remember to drain the cooling system. They should remove the hoses, the studs on the engine block, the timing belt, as well as the exhaust manifolds. Checking the service manual that came with the car is always a good idea at this point.

The head gasket has several bolts holding it in place. Users should remove them, take the blown head gasket out, and then install the replacement. Before the installation, the car owner should make sure the surfaces are clean and there is no further damage to the engine. Importantly, installing a new head gasket on a damaged engine does not increase the life of the engine.

How to Buy a Head Gasket on eBay

Finding a new head gasket for a certain type of vehicle is easy on eBay. Using the search box you can find on any page on eBay is a quick way to find the correct head gasket for your car. When searching for a new or used head gasket on eBay, remember to narrow down the results by type, condition, and price, using the filters that eBay provides.

A faulty head gasket can cause major engine problems, so repairing or replacing it should be a priority for any car owner. Performing regular checks on the vehicle can prevent engine problems, so users should regularly take their vehicle to a mechanic for routine maintenance.

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