How to Repair an Electric Oven

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How to Repair an Electric Oven

There is nothing like paying for a costly and ridiculously simple repair job to teach one the value of a little DIY knowledge. Often, repairing appliances such as electric ovens is a job for a professional. In this case, owners need to consider the price of the repair and of any parts that may need replacement and compare it against the price of a new oven. However, there are some simple electric oven repairs that the owners can do themselves. Learning the basic steps to fixing various problems that an electric oven may have helps consumers undertake repair jobs that are within their abilities. Electric oven parts are available through appliance dealers and on reputable sites like eBay.

Troubleshooting an Electric Oven

Most oven problems have several possible causes. Finding the defective part is half the battle. The table below shows common parts that are often the culprits for oven problems.


Parts to Check


Oven does not turn on




No heat at all

Control knob



Heating element


Wrong temperature

Heating element

Oven sensor


Door stuck

Bent latch

Wire tool


Fans running constantly

Fan motor


Self-cleaner does not work

Latch assembly

Lock motor




Oven lights out


Light socket and assembly


Control panel

Screwdrivers, multimeter

In all cases, if the parts are functioning properly, the problem may lie with the control board or the thermostat. Both of these parts are hard to check. If the more common parts seem to work, then professional help may be necessary. Also, the tools that one may need for repairing an electric oven can vary from brand to brand.

Electric Oven Repair

In many cases, the defective part is something that owners can replace. Common parts that need replacement or repair are theheating element, fan, and door. Learning how to do these jobs at home saves money and time in many cases.

Replacing a Heating Element

Identify the oven model number and the part number of the element. Order a replacement, making sure the element is compatible. Turn off the main power supply, and then unplug the oven. Some ovens have the heating element visible below the shelves of the oven.

Unscrew the element from oven and pull it out a few centimetres. Secure the wires so that they do not disappear behind the oven once the user detaches the element. Remove the element and connect the new element in the same way. The connections should be in good shape and not rusted or damaged. Slide the element back into place and screw it back into the oven's wall.

Ovens with fan-forced heating have elements that are behind the rear interior wall of the oven. In these cases, take off the interior back wall to uncover the element. It may be necessary to remove the back cover of the oven in some cases.

Replacing a Fan Motor

The fan motor is accessible from the back of the oven, by removing the rear panel. The fan retaining nut, which folds the fan blades to the motor, has left-hand threading, so unscrew it in a clockwise direction. Taking pictures of the wires that attach to the motor is helpful in reassembly. Make sure the main power supply is off before starting to work on the oven, and unplug the oven before opening the rear panel.

Fixing a Door

If the latch gets stuck in a self-cleaning cycle, and the door is closed, turn off the oven completely, wait for a few minutes, and turn it back on. If this does not solve the problem, try manually opening the latch with a wire or thin screwdriver, or take off the side panel to access the latch. If the problem is simply a bent or malfunctioning latch, replace the latch. Other common problems with doors involve brokensprings or hinges. These are easy to replace as long as the replacement parts are the exact size.

How to Buy Electric Oven Parts on eBay

If you have the tools and skills to do a repair at home, shopping on


is an excellent way to find the oven parts you need at competitive prices. Go to any eBay page and enter a term like '

oven fan element

' in the search box. Then refine the search by brand or other search criteria, including price and condition. Despite the fact that computerised modern electric ovens are becoming the norm, there are still parts for older ovens that one can repair with just a few tools and some basic knowledge. Learning to repair these parts and buying replacements on eBay saves consumers money if buying a new electric oven is not an option.

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