How to Restore Golf Irons

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How to Restore Golf Irons

It is no secret that golf irons are expensive, so when it comes time to replace them many people look for alternative solutions. One way to save money and keep a favourite set of golf clubs is to restore them. As the clubs age and players use them, the irons often end up scratched, dented, or rusted. Although it may not seem possible to fix these issues, it is fairly easy. In some cases, players only need a few simple supplies such as lemon juice and cola. Learn about the available restoration methods to find out if this is a project worth undertaking.

How to Remove Rust

Rust is common on any metal items so do not be alarmed if some starts to build up on the golf irons. Soap and water alone is not effective against rust, but there are certain household items that people can use to freshen up their clubs.

Rust Removal Supplies


Clean Rags

For cleaning

Cola (2 litre)

Breaks up rust

Lemons (1 half for every club)

Also breaks up rust

Metal Polish

For polishing the irons

Polishing Cloth

For polishing

Scrub Brush

For scrubbing rust off


To wrap around the shafts

Before starting, wash the clubs in warm, soapy water to make sure there is no dirt or polish on them. Rinse and dry them thoroughly. Next, cut the lemons in half and scrub each rusted area with the open end of a lemon. Be sure to only use real lemons and not imitation lemon juice for this. Let the clubs sit overnight with the lemon juice on them and then wash them with warm water the next day.

Now put 2 gallons of water and the 2 litres of cola into a sink and scrub the rusted areas with the mixture. Remove the clubs and place them into the sink to soak. The shafts are too long to fit in the sink so soak towels in the cola and water mixture and then wrap them around the shafts. Let these soak overnight.

Remove the clubs from the sink and rinse them off. Do the same for the shafts, and then make sure everything is dry. Use a clean rag and the metal polish to shine up the irons. Rub the polish on in circular motions until the metal is buffed.

Refinishing Golf Irons

Even though the irons are now rust free, they still may not look as great as they did when they were new. This is because the finish sometimes wears off and small details like engravings fade after repeated use.

Restore a Satin Finish

A satin finishes is glossy, but has a texture that prevents it from being reflective. This finish is nice because it does not reveal fingerprints or smudges as much as other finishes do. To restore the satin finish on the golf irons, use a multi-purpose abrasive wheel attachment for an electric drill. The abrasive wheels are basically a rotating piece of hard, steel wool. This scuffs up the surface to gloss it up and texture it.

Restore a High Polish Finish

Anyone can put a high polish finish on their golf irons even if the clubs did not have it to begin with. For this project, use awhite polishing wheel that attaches to an electric buffer. There are many kinds of buffers available such as pads that attach to a drill, individual buffing devices, and ones that attach to an air compressor. The longer and harder that people buff, the shiner the irons get.

Restore the Engravings

In most cases, the engravings on the golf irons do not actually wear off. They just fill with dirt or the paint inside fades which makes the engravings less noticeable. However, if the engravings do appear worn down, use a sharp instrument to carefully etch out the design. If there was paint inside before, get craft paint and apply it inside the engraving. When done, quickly wipe off any extra paint from the surface of the irons with a Q-tip.

Rechrome the Heads

In some cases, the club heads are so dented that they affect a person's ability to play the game well. In this case, there are certain rechroming companies that owners can ship their club heads to. The companies grind down the metal to make everything smooth again and rechrome the heads.

How to Buy Golf Irons on eBay

Everyone knows that the condition of their

golf clubs

can effect how good their game is. However, since purchasing brand new clubs is costly, sometimes the best solution is to simply restore the

golf irons

that you have. With the help of eBay, you can easily remove rust, restore the finish, and even get the club heads rechromed. Shop for supplies by using the eBay search bar or visit the

eBay Deals

page to see if you can find any great sales for the day. Order everything you need at once because some sellers have multiple items you may need and they can ship them together to cut back on postage costs.

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