How to Wire a Pioneer Car Stereo

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How to Wire a Pioneer Car Stereo

Pioneer is one of the most recognisable names in audio systems. The company is known for a considerable range of products, but the cornerstones of the Pioneer brand are the company's car stereos. Wiring a new stereo head is not difficult; rather than pay to have a professional install a new system, many people instead choose to do it themselves. In only a few steps guided by easy-to-follow instructions, the at-home mechanic can correctly wire a new Pioneer stereo head to enjoy crisp sound while driving around.


Required Materials

The list of tools needed to wire a new stereo is relatively basic, including a socket wrench, a screwdriver, a panel popper, and a crimp tool, as well as the materials included in the vehicle-specific dash kit. The schematics of the vehicle are also helpful for identifying the hardware that holds the stereo head in place.


Removing the Stock Radio

It is important that users disconnect the negative battery terminal first before doing any work on the electrical system of a car. They can identify the negative terminal by its black cover, and remove it with a basic socket wrench. It is very important not to perform work on any car's electrical components with the vehicle on or the battery connected.

Remove Bezel

After disconnecting the battery, one should locate the screws or clips that secure the radio trim bezel and remove them. Specific instructions for this vary for different models and drivers can find them in the vehicle schematics. Then, the installer needs to unscrew and remove the trim bezel itself using a panel-popper tool. With the trim bezel removed, the stock radio can simply be unscrewed from the dash and the connectors and antennae lead gently unplugged from the back.


Installing the New Radio

Once drivers remove the stock radio, it is time to wire the new stereo head. The first step is to lay out the two wire harnesses, which connect into the crimp connector. Though the layout and number of connectors may vary depending on the model of the vehicle and the Pioneer stereo head, a wire harness with a 12-pin connecter is one of the most common. Each pin requires a different colour of wire hooked to it.







Left rear ground



Right rear ground



Power antennae






Right front ground



Left front ground



Left rear



Right rear






Battery + 12



Right front



Left front


The next step is to locate the two crimp connectors which connect into the harnesses in the back of the stereo head. Remove the pre-stripped insulation from the harnesses and the filament of each wire within the harness twisted slightly into a tight point to make it easier to connect. Once the wires are oriented correctly and the filaments twisted, they need to slide them into the crimp connectors that lead into the speakers. After attaching the speakers, connect the new radio into the antennae lead.

Remove Cage

After all of the wiring is complete, the cage should slide easily off of the chassis of the new stereo and into the dash kit with the clips to secure the cage in place. When the new stereo is slid into place in the cage, the chassis and the cage should click together to indicate that the stereo is secured. The entire assembly should then slide into place in the vehicle dash, with the mounting screws inserted to hold the assembly in the vehicle dash.

Reconnect Battery

Once the stereo is secure, the next step is to reconnect the vehicle battery and then test the new system by adjusting the fade and balance to be sure that all speakers respond properly. If everything works correctly, fit the bezel back into place.


How to Buy a Pioneer Stereo on eBay

When purchasing a new Pioneer stereo from sellers on eBay, most fit into any car with the use of the correct dash kit. It is important to purchase the correct kit for your year and model vehicle. With that in mind, the specifics of the individual stereo head model you need are determined more by the functions you wish it to perform. Search for products based on specifics, such as 'Pioneer stereo head bluetooth' or 'Pioneer stereo head mp3'. Be sure to include Pioneer's brand name and the desired function for optimal search results.

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