How to choose your Nose Stud Tail Shape and nose stud gauge size

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How to choose your Nose Stud Tail Shape!!

L - Known as basic tail shape. This is the style that you are first pierced with, it is easier to put into the piercing, but the negative is that it is easier to fall out.

U - Known as piggy tail, or U shape. Once your piercing has healed, ideally this is the shape nose stud tail you should advance to. It is harder to insert, but on the plus side it is harder for this to fall out.

Bone - Known as pin. This is an alternative to the above tail shapes. Easy to insert, this has a small  ball on the end which is slightly larger then the 20g wire we use to hold this nose stud in place.

At Aztec Jewellers we will endure to custom make your nose stud for you. Once you have made your purchase please email us with any changes. We are aware that all noses are different sizes and therefore some nose studs will need to be made smaller then the average length wire of 6mm and also we are aware that some people need this to be made longer. Prices are listed for wire lengths upto 6mm and if you are requiring longer this may incur additional charge, again please email me for all prices before you make your purchase.


How to pick your nose stud guage size!!

gauge mm
18ga 1mm
16ga 1.2mm
14ga 1.6mm
12ga 2mm
10ga 2.4mm
8ga 3.2mm
6ga 4mm
4ga 5mm
2ga 6mm
0ga 8mm
inch mm
1/4″ 6mm
5/16″ 8mm
3/8″ 9.5mm
7/16″ 11mm
1/2″ 13mm
9/16″ 14mm
5/8″ 16mm
11/16″ 17.5mm
3/4″ 19mm
13/16″ 20.5mm


Our nose studs we make are a standard gauge size of 20g, this is 0.8mm wire thickness. When you are first pierced, on average people are pierced with 18g needle, this is to prevent mininal bleeding. Many people find this gauge uncomfortable when healed and this is why we make 20g as it is finer and more comfortable. We are happy to custom make in 18g for you and this will incur an additional $10.00. Again please email me when you have made your purchase so we can custom make this 18g for you and i will send an amended invoice for you to pay the additional amount.


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