Hyundai remote key fob CE i30 i35 RKE ix30 buttons Repair Pad

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Worn or Missing key buttons from Hyundai i10 i20 i30 i35 remote ? Polmex_buttons on ebay supply Silicone button pad for Hyundai Series ' i '. Our button pad will suit your remote as long as your remote looks like the on in the picture below.  

NO NEED to *open your remote, NO NEED to *swap internals,

NO NEED to *cut new key, NO NEED to * reprogram your remote. 

Button Replacing using our Silicone Pad is a very simple press fit installation done form outside of your remote.







To find out which of our silicone pads will fit your remote, you would have to check plastic shell under original key button pad. Type CE0682 will suit remote with key button holes appearing to be "sinking" in the shell and side cut out holes in rectangular shape .



Type CE0678 will suit remotes with key holes surrounded by "protruding lip" and side cut out holes being round shape (as below)





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Our buttons are Designed and Made in Australia from the top quality Silicone. The most common complaint about Hyundai remote is associated with the key pad getting detached from the shell. Our buttons are designed to fit tightly in the remote grooves. Since Silicone does not shrink and deteriorate our pad will be firmly attached to your remote key. Original buttons and some replacementt buttons are made from elastomers that break down as they age. The oily substance that is released over period of time clogs up switches in remotes and makes it difficult to use. Buttons we sell are made from German medical grade LSR that does not degrade over time.

You can be sure it is Silicone (not rubber) Buton as on touch with very hot object it does not melt.

Button Replacement is the fastest and Most Economical way of fixing your remote. Before you buy our buttons, You must make sure that your electronic components work before fitting new buttons in. Our buttons do not fix broken remotes they only replace broken buttons.
If your remote is working and your buttons simply disintergated over period of time then our buttons offer , very cheap solution to fix your remote. No glueing. No need for re pogramming. Just follow our installation guide as below.

1. To replace buttons pad you DO NOT need to open your remote.
2. Simply remove old pad and clean grooves from old rubber remnants.
3. Position pad over the top of the shell and using your thumbs press fit youe new pad in.
4. To make sure it engages with the plastic shell use your finger nails to push it in the grooves.
5. Your new pad should sit in level with the shell.  

Check our Feedback  for total customers satisfaction comments. We use the best quality Silicone in manufacturing and you can be assured that you will be getting top quality product.
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