Iraqi Dinar News and why buy Iraqi Dinar

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Iraqi Dinar News and why buy Iraqi Dinar

Presidential Order 13303: Allows US Citizens to buy and invest in the New Iraq . Under this Order and the Coalition Provisional Government Order 39, a US citizen has the same rights to investments as an Iraqi citizen.

  • (11-09-2007) Daily analysis for Sunday from Iraq stock exchange.

    Iraq Stock Exchange hold Second session for this month , the numbers of Traded Companies were (26)and still (23)companies are off Trading Floor because of their General Assembly meeting which they decided to Increase their Capital. The numbers of Traded Shares were (12.380) b/ shares and Trading volume(48.617) b / ID, the price Index was about 36.000 point .Bank sector Index was(36.530),Investment sector Index was(109.180),Services Sector Index was(77.200), Industrial Sector Index was(11.400), Hotels sector Index (14.810).

    from the Bulletin we can see the Trading for (13) banks, (1) Investment,(3) Services Company,(7) Industrial companies, (2) Hotels companies. Generally the shares prices were Increased in (2) Companies,Decrease in about (14) &stables in (10).

  • (11-09-2007) Higher demand for dollar, exchange rate of iraqi dinar down in daily auction

    Demand for the dollar was higher in the Iraqi Central Bank’s auction on Monday, reaching $101.040 million compared to $37.615 million on Sunday.

    In its daily statement, the bank said it had covered all bids, including $7.500 million in cash and $93.540 in foreign transfers, at an exchange rate of 1,231 iraqi dinars per dollar, a tick lower than yesterday.

    None of the 15 banks that participated in Monday's session offered to sell dollar.

    In statements, Ali al-Yasseri, a trader, said that the one-tick drop in the exchange rate encouraged traders to make more bids in today's session.

    The Iraqi Central Bank runs a daily auction from Sunday to Thursday.

  • (08-07-2007)Most Arab stocks end July dealings with a rise and Iraq on top.

    The Iraqi Stock Exchange outperformed the top seven Arab exchanges yesterday supported by an increase in trading volumes, rising 3.83%, followed by the Egyptian market at 0.96% to over 8200 points, and then the Doha market which rose 0.31% to pass 7600 points.

    Saudi market also rose by 0.18% and the Kuwaiti by 0.18%, where UAE dealings hit 3.08 million dinars; Muscat market rose by 0.04% and the Bahraini by 0.03%. However, the Beirut market declined 0.43% and the Moroccan 0.29%. Meanwhile, the Jordanian market was closed yesterday for municipal elections; in sum, most Arab shareholders experienced a rise in July, despite expectations of analysts.

    In the Saudi market, the index recorded a slight rise of 0.18% just before the closure to reach the level of 7520.06 points. Volume by 3:15 p.m. (Emirates time) was 88.9 million shares worth 4.3 billion Saudi riyals, across 123,400 transactions involving 98 companies' stocks.

    The share price of 30 companies rose, led by Al-Walaa Insurance at 7.79% to 62.25 riyals, while prices of 47 companies fell, notably Eastern Agricultural by 6.38% to 88 riyals. The Kingdom had the lion's share of transactions by a margin of 5.1 million shares at 11.75 riyals.

    In Kuwait yesterday, the index rose 0.18% to 2550 points, with 311.3 million shares traded worth 142.4 million Kuwaiti dinars, in 9,500 deals. Jizan company topped the risers at 9.25% to 295 fils, while Nabisco led Kuwaiti decliners at 5.19% to 365 fils; International traders made most transactions, an estimated 34.02 million shares averaging 300 fils.

    As for the performance of UAE stocks in Kuwait, Gulf Cement shares have fallen 5 to 480 fils and Al-Fujairah 5 to 330 fils, while Umm al-Quwain fell 2 fils to 182 and Al-Sharjah 5 fils to 375. White Cement shares settled at the price of 164 fils, and Al-Shuaa had no activity, leaving total dealings at 3.08 million dinars.

    In Muscat, the Omani market index rose yesterday by 0.04% to close at 6426.66 points with a volume of 8.7 million worth 4.2 million Omani Riyals over 1670 deals distributed among 44 companies.

    In Bahrain, the index rose slightly yesterday by 0.03% to close at 2570.07; volume was 4.2 million worth 1.8 million Bahraini dinars. Market valuation rose to 9.2 billion dinars, with United Gulf Bank making the lion's share of transactions, an estimated at 2.04 million shares averaging 0.56 dinars.

    In Doha, the market index rose yesterday by 0.31% to close at 7618.08 on a volume of 5.4 million worth 174.5 million riyals on 4,100 deals; prices of 22 companies rose, Technical Inspection on top, up 6.07% to 39.70 riyals.

    The prices of 5 companies declined; leading was Al-Salam with 0.66% to 15 riyals, while Al-Riyan had the largest total transactions, an estimated 1.6 million shares at 17.30 riyals. As mentioned, Jordan's Amman Stock Exchange closed yesterday in accordance with article 23 for negotiable securities, to accommodate municipal elections.

    In Egypt, the main Egyptian market index as well as Cairo and Alexandria stock exchanges rose yesterday by 0.96% by close at UAE 3:30 local to 8239.97 points. In Beirut, the Plume index declined by 0.43% or 5.1 to 1171.23.

    In Khartoum, 4659 banking sector shares worth 8550 Sudanese guineas traded in five deals. Emirates Bank closed at 2.22 guineas. In Iraq, the price index closed at 40.948 points, a rise of 3.38%. In Morocco, the market index dropped by 0.29% to 11430.63.



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