Japanese Kids Clothing - Size Chart

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Japanese Kids Clothing - Finally some funk!

Hi all,

I'm an Aussie mum living in the deep countryside of Japan.    I first started checking eBay for baby boys clothes in 2006.  At the time I didn't really know a lot about what's important when you have a baby, sizes, basics etc - all I wanted was gorgeous clothes and at cheaper prices than retail!!  Unfortuantely I was rather sadly disappointed.  Am I the only one who's craving something other than baby blue, truck designs and puppy dogs??

Well, I didn't find my answer on eBay, but I did find gorgeous, funky Japanese boys and girls clothing - and at reasonable prices!!  Japanese fashion designers really know their stuff.  Japanese baby and toddler clothing is individual, bright, inventive and most of all...fun!!!  My little man is now always decked out in affordable, yet funky clothing :-)

So, I wondered if other Mums and Dads might benefit from my experience, and decided to sell a few items on eBay, just as a hobby really.  Like other parents out there, I'm sure you all understand how any little extra can help with the mortgage ;-)

Japanese sizes are different to those in Australia and the US.  This is a general size conversion guide.  Of course you should always use your child's measurements to determine whether a piece will fit or not.  Alternatively, you can email me and I can try to help :-) 

Japanese Size                                                            Australian Size

60  -  up to 3 months old, 60cm tall, 5kg                      Between 0000 & 000*

70  - up to 6 months old, 70cm tall, 9kg                       Between 00* & 0

80  -  up to 1 year old, 80cm tall, 11kg                        Between 0* & 1

90  -  up to 2 years old, 90cm tall, 13kg                       Between 1* & 2

95  -  up to 3 years old, 95cm tall, 14kg                       Between 2* & 3


100  -  3-4 years, 95-105cm tall, 49-55cm chest          Between 3 & 4

110  -  5-6 years, 105-115cm tall, 53-59cm chest        Between 4 & 5 

120  -  7-8 years, 115-125cm tall, 57-63cm chest        Between 5 & 6

*The asterix notes which size I personally feel is a closer fit

 I'd love you to come and browse through my original clothing lines at mysteriousjapan.  You'll find attention to detail, friendly service and lightening fast shipping times from Japan that are sure to surprise you.  You won't believe how affordable postage can be!! :-)

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