Kitchen Tap Buying Guide

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Kitchen Tap Buying Guide

The sink is the core element of a kitchen, but in order to get the best out of it an appropriate set of taps need to be affixed. In today’s world of specialist and custom kitchen designs, many would label a kitchen tap as a style point. The water valve receives regular use by any and all that visits the kitchen, and  thus needs to stand up to the rest of the room’s décor.

Anyone who has looked to buy a kitchen tap before will understand the wealth of options available. Thanks to eBay’s specialist deals on kitchen peripherals, finding one at the right price couldn’t be easier.

Water Pressure

Before looking at the types of tap available, shoppers need to know what level of water pressure their home currently has. The majority of taps require high pressure in order to function at their best.

Cold-water pressure is never an issue, but hot-water pressure is different, so make sure that you have a high-pressure outlet before purchasing. If not, there are low-pressure variations available that are suitable; it’s just that they are less reliable and more expensive. There are three ways to tell if you have a high-pressure water system, all of which revolve around the boiler. These are:

· Unvented System

· Combination Boiler

· Gravity Fed Pump System

Any of the above boiler types will indicate a high-pressure water system, if you don’t have one of the above, (or specifically an non-pump gravity fed model) odds are the system is low-pressure. Under no circumstances should a high-pressure water flow be fed through a low-pressure tap, as it can do permanent damage and put users at risk of injury and costly repair bills.

Tap Types

In today’s marketplace there is no shortage of options when it comes to kitchen taps. There are three types to choose from, and each of which offer something unique and function differently.

Type of Tap


Water Filter

Water filter taps use a filter cartridge that is based underneath the sink. It gives filtered water on tap, and is a simple and efficient tap system. They have been listed as Triflow, Aquifer and Springflow in the past, so look out for these names if a water filter is your tap of choice.

Hot Water

They’re pretty self-explanatory; hot water taps deliver consistent hot water. Owning one can be a real money saver and saves having to boil a kettle any time a hot drink is required.

Pull Out Head

There are some taps that deliver a fine spray that resembles something of a rinse. Many that have this feature have a pull out head that allows the tap to detach from the spout. It means that the water can be directed anywhere and makes it the perfect option for versatility.


After deciding what type of kitchen tap is needed, how it will be operated needs to be taken into consideration. To use a kitchen tap it requires a handle and there are currently two basic handles styles to choose from.

Handle Type


Single Handle

Rotating the handle in a clockwise or anti-clockwise direction operates a single handle kitchen tap. One way furthers water pressure while the other reduces it, moving the handle from side-to-side will alter the water temperature.

Two Handle

Two handle taps operate on a ninety-degree angle in order to control flow, and keep hot and cold temperatures separate. The most popular type of tap handles in Australia, but do require three holes in the sink area in order to install properly.

Mounting and Installation

Mounting options largely depend on the setup of the kitchen and the type of tap chosen. Most will need to be deck mounted, using a simple two or three hole installation. The other way of mounting a tap is through a wall installation. It isn’t applicable to many kitchens, but for the ones it is suitable for it makes for a great design feature.

Before attempting any type of tap installation seek the advice of a plumbing professional. A tap that is installed incorrectly can damage the plumbing system of home and have longstanding negative repercussions.


It is safe to say that the finish is the proverbial cherry on top when buying a tap. The finishes available mean that a tap can be tailored to a kitchens style and décor. The types of finishes available include:

· Chrome

· Nickel

· Brush

· Polished Brass

· Oiled Bronze

· White

· Black

· Stainless Steel

Different manufacturers offer different types of finishes, so take the time to explore a product catalogue to make sure that they have a finish to suit your home.


Kitchen taps can make or break a kitchen’s appearance, and there is no doubt that manufacturers know this. This means that there are constantly new taps being released and ranges being unveiled. The following are the brands most commonly associated with tap sales and development:

· Mira

· Franke

· Triton

· Grohe

· Astini

· Abode

· Carron Phoenix

· Caple

· Rangemaster

· Reginox

· Schock

· Leisure Sinks

Explore what these brands have to offer and take their reputations into consideration. Always remember that if you’re not comfortable with what a brand is offering look towards buying something else.


No two-installation scenarios are the same, and the design of each kitchen often calls for something different. The design of tap opted for can sometimes require that little bit extra in the form of accessories. Many add to the appearance of a tap and can aid the colour coordination aspect of the entire kitchen. Accessories such as soap dispensers, side sprayers, air gaps and accents are all readily available and simple to install.

How to Buy a Kitchen Tap on eBay

There isn’t a room in the house that receives more use than the kitchen; it is the hub for both cooking and cleaning. When it comes to these activities the sink is highly regarded as pivotal, and for a sink to be useful it needs to have a quality set of taps attached. Finding a high-quality tap couldn’t be any easier: load up eBay’s homepage and select the home and garden category. This will bring up a list of sub-categories; from there, select building materials and DIY, plumbing and fixtures and taps, mixers. Shoppers can select the exact specification of tap they need by using the search modifiers on the left of the page.

After selecting the right pair of taps from one of eBay’s trusted sellers, it will be time to pay for them. Enter the checkout process and complete the transaction withPayPal. PayPal is a world-renowned online money transaction website and an exclusive eBay partner. Using PayPal to complete the checkout makes sure that thebuyer protection programme is in place should anything untoward occur.


Getting the right kitchen tap may seem difficult at first, as facing all the options available can be both overwhelming and daunting. Considering what has been stated in this guide before committing to a purchase will make sure that shoppers make an educated decision. Hopefully it has made the shopping process easier and allows people to get the high quality taps that they’ve always wanted.

After figuring out exactly what sink tap is right for your kitchen log-on to eBay, where it is guaranteed to be for sale at the most budget friendly price.

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