Magnetic Pillow - Therapy Pillows for Neck Pain Relief

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With 24 Powerful 1200 Gauss Magnets in the Magnet Pillow. Magnetic Pillows for Neck Pain Relief is a great drug free alternative.

Over the last 10 Years we have personally manufactured and sold over 500,000 Magnetic Products in Shopping Centres throughout Australia and New Zealand. Today we have scaled this down to a family business where my wife Jannese and I personally make the magnetic pillow that we present to you today.

With that vast number of sales I have had the opportunity of dealing with thousands upon thousands of customers suffering chronic neck pain  and to my delight also seen the wonderful pain relief that our magnetic pillow provided to them .

The magnetic Pillow is not just for the neck area. You can place it anywhere on the body. Place it behind you back for assistance with back pain, even put it under your feet.

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