Mini Cooper remote key fob R50 R53 BMW 2 REPAIR buttons

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Are you having problem with Worn buttons in Mini Cooper remote key ?

We are offering you a CHOICE of buying our Repair Silicone Buttons for the fraction of the cost of a new remote key and programming. This set will suit Mini Cooper R50-R53-S, BMW and more as long as your remote looks the same.

Polmex Buttons are 100% Australian Made from LSR Silicone that does not degrade over time. You can be sure it is Silicone (not rubber) Button as on touch with very hot object it does not melt.

LSR) Silicone that we are manufacturing our buttons from is the only material that does not degrade over period of time. It offers high stability to ozone and ultraviolet light, excellent weather resistance and most of all outstanding ageing behaviour.

Original buttons and other replacement buttons are made from elastomers that break down as they age. The oily substance that is released during breaking down process, clogs up switches in your remote, making it difficult to use. This will not occur with Polmex made (LSR) Silicone Buttons / Pads.

Our products have been tested by large number of users in various conditions over period of time and have been overwhelmingly applauded. You can trust its quality proved by an excellent feedbacks.


Button Replacements are the fastest and Most Economical way of fixing your remote.

If your remote is working and your buttons simply disintegrated over period of time, We have very cheap solution.

CLICK HERE !  -  for Silicone Button Selection

NO NEED to *swap internals 

NO NEED to *cut new key

NO NEED to * reprogram your remote. 

Very simple press fit installation

Fitting Instructions for Mini cooper remote with both buttons integrated in rubber overlay

1. To replace buttons you need to cut out old rubber buttons or whatever is left from it. When cutting out buttons you must take care and not too cut too much of the soft rubber. Please note that our buttons will only fit your remote if top soft rubber layer is still attached to plastic shell.
Please check picture gallery for this listing to verify shape of the cut outs before fitting new buttons in.

2. Once old rubber is removed from worn out buttons you are ready to fit new buttons in. Fitting is done from outside of remote. It is press fit installation without any gluing.
3. Once buttons are installed your remote is ready for use without any re programming, swapping electronics or key cutting. It is the cheapest and simplest way of fixing your working remote with worn buttons.


Please Check our Feedback for total customers satisfaction comm

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