Petsafe PAWZ Away “Rock” Outdoor Pet Barrier

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The Petsafe PAWZ Away allows you to keep your dog away from problem areas outside, such as gates, pools, ponds, driveways and garden beds. This Petsafe outdoor barrier system is completely waterproof and battery operated which makes it perfect for outdoor use.

The barrier transmitter is designed to look like a Rock, which makes the transmitter “invisible” to your pets. It emits a radio signal which covers up to 4.5 metres in diameter or 2.5 metres radius. If you would like to keep your dog out of a bigger area the Petsafe outdoor pet barrier can cover up to 45 metres, if you attach wire to it. When the dog wearing the collar enters the barrier area, he will hear a warning tone followed by the lowest level of stimulation. The stimulation level will increase while your dog remains in the barrier area.

If your dog stays in the Petsafe Pawz Away pet barrier area for longer than 15 seconds, the collar will stop delivering the continuous static correction. However, the collar will deliver a random single static correction every 5 to 10 seconds at the maximum level until your dog leaves the area. Once the dog leaves, the collar resets itself and will deliver a progressive static correction next time the dog enters the barrier area.