Pokemon Cards WILL be Worth Something in the Future

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There has been skepticism regarding whether the 1st generation (fossil, jungle and base set) Pokemon cards will appreciate in value. I am here to confirm that they will.
The basic co ncept:
Pokemon was the start of a non-sport trading card revolution; possibly the biggest the world has or ever w ill see. The fossil, jungle and base set cards were what started it all. For this reason, there is a 'novelty' associated with these cards, separating them from all other generations.

These cards become people's childhoods, children would become competitive and sometimes even 'judge' each other on a personal level based on what cards they had; Pokemon was basically a 5 year chunk of most of our lives that will forever stay in our memories.
After this phase, peop le got consumed by stress and life's burdens... Completely forgetting about their old cards. The cards would be thrown in the bin, lost, damaged or sold at swap meets to people who treated them poorly. The first generation cards went out of print and eventually supply slowly began to decrease.

As the Pokemon generation grows older and older, they gain more expendable income as well as time! They will begin to reminisce about t heir childhood and that powerful, calming memory of that light hearted trading card game that we all loved so much. They will want to look at their old cards again to perhaps get a glimpse of what it was like back then. By the time we all retire, we will have so little to do with ourselves that the majority of us will begin to develop 'hobbies'; I'm positive that Pokemon card collection will be an extremely common one.

We have established:
a) A powerful increase in demand
b) A powerful decrease in supply
Basic economics predicts a surge in prices! whether this means a 50% or 1000% increase over 50 years I do not know; but I am sure that they will rise somewhat!
Common Pessimist Arguments:
1. When Pokemon is no longer in existence, the cards will become nothing but trash:

a) Most probably not; if the one of the biggest fads of the 20/21st century stops production completely, it would reach news headlines! People would instantly be reminded of their childhood, resulting in a pre-mature panic filled with nostalgia and demand. Consider this: When an artist dies, does their paintings become worth more or less?

2. If Pokemon continues forever, people will forget about the original Pokemon cards:
a) This is nonsense; if Pokemon cards continue, the original cards will become novelties "what started it all"... Collectors would go crazy to own the originals of something huge that has continued for numerous decades.

I hope this has sparked some new trains of though when considering investing in Pokemon cards on eBay; my way of thinking is: If you have a passion for Pokemon, you're bound to want the cards in the future... so why not collect them now while your thinking about it and keep them for sedimental value... Don't think about the money, I'm sure they will appreciate but for now it's a huge bunch of fun collecting these cards and regardless of the future prices I will not regret a thing! 

I'm selling some of my old cards now if any of you are interested, check my eBay account!

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Thanks guys

Aidan Rossandich

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