Polished Megalodon Teeth explained.

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It is true an UN-polished Megalodon tooth brings you the raw beauty and is the closest representation of how a Meg tooth may have looked.

A natural Meg tooth is indeed a brilliant find for the serious lover of sharks teeth.

Some of these teeth how ever have been treated to a certain degree. If you come across a Megalodon tooth that is full of amazing colour, has a perfect trim, shines and is in great shape. This has been with out a doubt professionally polished. This does not devalue a fossil in anyway. Sure if you are a purest and love the the natural looking tooth you would consider this a desecration. Lets lower our pedestal of pride and reconsider what it really means to be a collector of fossils.
Why do you collect fossils? Has it got anything to do with personal taste?
Would not the shark tooth purest, love both polished and un-polished? Polished shark teeth are merely shark teeth in a new light.

Have you seen a 5 inch natural Meg tooth and compared it to a 5 inch polished Meg tooth? Try it sometime, you will find the difference absolutely fascinating, i can assure you that you will have to have both.

In my experience, i love polished shark teeth. I don't even own a natural shark tooth. This is not because i am a poor collector but because i find joy in polished shark teeth.

Always be true to your self!


I will tell you why i like these modified teeth.

I find the polished teeth have an incredible, infinite, perpetuating, aura that floods, vibrates and resonates fascination, sourcing from the center of your soul! I have never found that in a natural shark tooth fossil. If you love sharks teeth, its not hard to realize you are buying a polished shark tooth, as they are nothing like a natural tooth. Polishing is not a quality to be frowned upon but a modification that creates only beauty and joy. Selling these teeth is in no way a scam to my knowledge or a means to hide previous imperfections of a tooth, the seller has a responsibility to state why the tooth is this way. The true collector should be aware of what they are buying and not live in ignorance.

You choose what you like and what you don't!


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