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1. Simply put Russian is from Russia not China, U.s.a. , U.K, Australia or Germany for example.

2. If you want fakes, poor quality, counterfeits, reproduced rubbish or homemade copies along with pathetic designs from people who can't come up with their own designs, then buy exactly that but it won't be real.

3.Russia maybe what it is right now politically but the people who sell Russian items like shirts, hats (Ushanka) or Cheburashka dolls don't earn a lot and make $200 a month in some areas so think about that when you don't buy from Russia.

4. If Russian items were not so good or popular or of great quality then why would others cash in on it?

5. I think that if Japan who I found recently was selling rather crappy overpriced Cheburashka which were not so close to the real item had any love of their lovely homeland then they would make Japanese toys traditional to japan instead of copies.

6.  I love Australia my country but guys cmon why make overpriced fakes or bad copies of great Russian shirts and make our own great Aussie icons or animals etc

7. The Military items from Russia even are fakes generally unless you pay quite a bit for them as I've personally seen the gear and it wouldn't cost $150 for a full uniform as that would cost $300 or more for example.

8. Ushanka hats from China or Australia or U.K or USA or even Germany are not Russian guys and probably are fakes or cheap imports to say again from earlier.

9.Nesting dolls for $20-$30 posted are not hand painted nor are they even Russian a lot of the time and are complete rubbish for tourists as a good set of Nesting Dolls costs over
$50 for a cheap really hand painted set up to $1000 depending on what you want.

10. lastly remember you pay for what you get and if you want the real item buy from ME or another Russian seller and note some people import Russian items to sell which is Russian but you're either probably buying crap or even so going to rip of locals or pay more for the same thing from russia

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