Rapid Loss Meal Replacement Weight Loss Shakes

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Rapid Loss is a brand new weight loss product now available in Australia. The Rapid Loss “Fullness” shake has everything you would expect from the best Meal Replacement Shake, but with a very important twist. Rapid Loss also includes an ingredient that fills you up, leaving less room available for food. Rapid Loss weight loss shakes can be used as a full meal, or as a snack.

As advertised in Body & Soul, Foxtel and on free-to-air television, this delicious meal replacement shake provides you with a low calorie, nutritionally balanced meal replacement option that fills you up & creates a feeling of fullness. In doing this it makes weight loss so much easier through the reduction of daily caloric intake and the elimination of cravings.

As part of the program, you will receive a free ebook, and an email education program written by weight loss guru Ray Kelly from The Biggest Loser, outlining a step-by-step plan to rapid weight loss and long-term weight management.

• It reduces daily calorie intake by replacing a meal with Rapid Loss (e.g. Rapid Loss = 140 calories; Normal meal is usually between 500 -1000 calories)
• It has a high level of fibre and protein, which creates feelings of fullness, and provides healthy digestive function
• It enhances energy levels which assists in improved physical performance
• It has a low GI so eliminates any spike in blood insulin levels (great for diabetics)
• It contains nutrients which may be useful for those embarking on a weight loss and exercise program

Rapid Loss is specially formulated to increase fullness and energy, and reduce cravings, all within one nutritionally complete supplement. It is scientifically designed with potent high grade herbal extracts and clinically proven nutrients.

Rapid Loss is available in 3 flavours - chocolate, vanilla and latte. You can purchase them here:  Total Body Australia eBay store as single tubs, triple (mixed packs) or 3 of each flavour. There are 18 servings per 750g container, and it is recommended that 2 servings be taken per day.

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