Reading Order Guide for In Death Series by J. D Robb.

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Hi there,

I've been asked by my customers about the reading order of the "In Death" Series by JD Robb (Nora Roberts nom de plume), so I've decided to do a guide, so here it is, the complete (including Novellas written for anthologies) list of titles in the "In Death" Series in the correct reading order:



  1. Naked in Death

  2. Glory in Death

  3. Immortal in Death

  4. Rapture in Death

  5. Ceremony in Death

  6. Vengeance in Death

  7. Holiday in Death

  8. Midnight in Death (in the anthology "Silent Night")

  9. Conspiracy in Death

  10. Loyalty in Death

  11. Witness in Death

  12. Judgment in Death

  13. Betrayal in Death

  14. Interlude in Death (in the anthology "Out of this World")

  15. Seduction in Death

  16. Reunion in Death

  17. Purity in Death

  18. Portrait in Death

  19. Imitation in Death

  20. Remember When (features "Big Jack" & "Hot Rocks" - re-published as 2 novellas Feb 2010)

  21. Divided in Death

  22. Visions in Death

  23. Survivor in Death

  24. Origin in Death

  25. Memory in Death

  26. Haunted in Death (in the anthology "Bump in the Night")

  27. Born in Death

  28. Innocent in Death

  29. Eternity in Death (in the anthology "Dead of Night")

  30. Creation in Death

  31. Strangers in Death

  32. Ritual in Death (in the anthology "Suite 606")

  33. Salvation in Death

  34. Promises in Death

  35. Kindred in Death

  36. Missing in Death (in the anthology "The Lost")

  37. Fantasy in Death

  38. Indulgence in Death

  39. Possession in Death (in the anthology "The Other Side")

  40. Treachery in Death

  41. New York to Dallas

  42. Chaos in Death (in the anthology "The Unquiet")

  43. Celebrity in Death

  44. Delusion in Death

  45. Calculated in Death

  46. Thankless in Death

  47. Taken in Death (in the anthology "Mirror Mirror")

  48. Concealed in Death

  49. Festive in Death

  50. Obsession in Death

  51. Devoted in Death

  52. Wonderment in Death (in the anthology "Down the Rabbit Hole")

  53. Brotherhood in Death (2016)



I'll be updating this list as new Titles are announced so please check back regularly.  Thanks so much for reading my guide and I hope it's helpful to you (please don't forget to tick the "YES" button)!

Thanks again and don't forget to check out my other Reading Order Guides for Christine Feehan, Sherrilyn Kenyon and several other great authors.



Dee ;)


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